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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Huff and Puff By My Chinny Chin

SIDHE came though early. We had a major storm blew though on Wednesday. Just as we were cooking dinner. Yes we did loose power but lucky we have an gas range.
We lucked out compare to some others. No big damage was done. Some people had big trees fall on there homes.
Thursday before I took Carrie to her doctor appointment I went and visited Murphette out toward Moyie Spring. Not much damage on the way out.
But I drove the older highway back home. Notice someone lost most of there roof.

Our life was bit inconvenient compare to other who had it lot harder. Didn't have power. Actual the wind took out all the dead and unhealthy branches from our trees. Two load pick up loads were haul to the dump. Plus a good soaking for the garden.
Since we have a gas range to cook on. This range has an electric start with out any electricity We had to use wooded matches to light the range to cook
The fridge was anther issue. Not much in freezer part in the fridge. We gave the stuff to Murphy niece Quincy, she has five offspring.
Put ice in meat try and didn't open it as much. Seem to keep the food not spoiling.

Friday Morning I went for my walk in our neighborhood. Chris was checking on his place and wondering when they would have the power back on.
Thursday evening he tried to get his generator started. No go.
His freezer was full of meat.

This was freak storm that came though usual storms like this come though later part of August; first part of September.
To finish off the harvest season. Now I keep hearing we're in for a warm up. Ninety plus (32.2) But only time is going to tell what the weather actual does. None of us can do anything about it any how.

Actual the power came up to us, lacking 2 hours being 48 hours. Actual the storm did us more good then warm. Trees got a good shacking and garden got good socking.

Coffee is on


  1. Glad you are safe and no serious damages. Keep calm and carry on blogging.

  2. I don't know what would happen if Hong Kong lost power for a day or two. Some people here are so addicted to their smart phones that they might have withdrawal symptoms like drug adddicts would if they were being weaned off drugs!

  3. you handled that 100 times better than i would have.

  4. I have plenty of gas for cooking, and really good 12 volt lights I make myself. I could care less if the power went out for a week.

  5. Billy P is a pussy, hehehehe

  6. It wasn't all that bad. Actual the best part no phone. I get tired of call if I'll sponsor or donate to something.
    No you can donate to me.


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