Monday, June 30, 2014

Rain Sure Pushes Life About

Rain rain rain please take a week vacation. Murphy and I in morning got chance to paint green. I notice quite a few dark clouds up North. As he was on the ladder getting the upper part.
So we was going to take a 10 minute break and the rain start to pour. A gully washer.

I finely got the four ornament I start back a while ago. I thought I would had my pour table going. As one can see we trying to get the end of the place painted.

These are the piece I'm going to work on next. I got out some different colors to these pieces in. I couldn't tell you how many paints I have. Let just called it a lot of paint.
All of these piece now. I have the molds to.
I cast and fired up turtle planter some time ago. Actual I like this piece. So fun to paint. Not sure how I'll be doing the turtle.
I think he would look good in some marigold and place by the corner of our driveway.

Most photo have the pilgrims in black and white, drab clothing this is not true. The pilgrim wore variety of colors to there FASHION

With the two piece I'll be doing. I can squeeze in the ornaments.

Coffee is on


  1. That is a very nice sunset picture. I'll bet Billy P would like to have a turtle like that.

  2. I really like your artwork!

  3. Bill..Actual that sunrise. I've been wanting to get a good sunset picture. For this up coming weekend photo hunt.

    Thanks Diandra


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