Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Not So Bad But Should I Be Glad

Confession time....This isn't usual my style of shopping and eating.

Murphy decided to quite smoking pot. He bought an ounce monthly. Usual cost was $150 to $250. Confession time....I would smoke if it didn't give me the munchies
It seem the entire family is all or nothing. His dad Dewayne was in to bird photography and wouldn't take picture of anything else.
Then one day he gave his camera to Earl, or his son bought his camera.
Murphy told me at one time, his family ate sourdough pancake everyday. Then one day they just didn't have it again.
Opinion time....I think there other legal drugs, opiate base is a lot more harmful.

So usual when some quite something there entire body goes though it. So are eating style is changing for the next few days.
I bought $50 worth of convenience food. Minus the laundry soap, peanut butter, milk, 3 bags of frozen veggies, bread, and butter.

As I was checking out. Confession time...I felt a bit guilty of buy all that crappy food. I know it full of salt, sugar, and fat.
Not saying if we had long hard day. I don't pick up some convenience food.
I grumble about people on SNAP (food stamp) purchasing this type of food. There been time I been send to store for a client to pick up junk food and had to use there SNAP card.
So I was so embarrass to use there card for purchasing crappy food.

Today even using cash I still wondering if some one was passing judgment...”How can this lady purchase all of that crap”

I was so glad he quite smoking cigarette ages ago. Not sure how I feel about the pot. I'll keep all of you posted.

Coffee is on   


  1. I never did get interested in smoking pot, and I've cut back a lot on my pipe smoking and hope to quit it soon.

  2. Hubby was pack to pack an half day smoker..depending on stress level

    I would say my entire life I smoked a pack of cigarettes.

    As long as he doesn't be come one of those evil gentility (bible thumpers) I'm general happy


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