Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ask And You MAY Receive

Confession time...I don't like paying full fright for any thing. If I can get a few things free or discount. Doesn't matter the size or the value.
I have contact a few companies by e mail and ask for there product for free or discount coupon. I've ask for many items. Such as dish soap, car oil, tooth paste, sardines, flour, eggs, tooth brushes, yogurt, and etc. If you discover a new product and you might be interesting in trying it, Contact them an ask for an sample. Nothing wrong in asking for more then one. Every one in your family can sample a new treat. We all have friends and we can let our friends try the new sample.
The reason there giving you a something free is hoping for a good word on there product. Word mouth can move an items.
Take small bit of your time and give an review of there product or service. Be honest in your review. It doesn't help the business if your not truthful There no excuse being uncivilized.

Usual coupons will be e-mail or sent good ole snail mail.

Editor note...I'm not promoting any business , organization. Or product here. 

With all the social media out there. One can like a business and leave pleasant feed back or a suggestion. Not long a go I was in Spokane Winco. I went on Winco facebook page and liked and posted something like this...”Your store is awesome. A drive for us is over an hour to your closes store. Could you please consider putting one in Sandpoint”
Confession time..just recently post on facebook and twitter, trying to get a WinCo in Sandpoint

Those who are members of organization may also get a discount. Such as Triple A, AARP, Military, Student, Unions, Firefighters, Police and etc.
When frequent a business ask if they give a discount to a certain business. If they say no. Talk to the management and suggest they give a discount to your organization you are a member to.
Also head over an use social something like this on the page...”There a lot of people who are Triple A , could you please consider giving triple A members a discount “

Hash-tags are anther tool to get a discount. There couple of way of doing this...Go to a business and ask them to put in a product...”have you every consider offering a discount on coffee (hash-tag)
Go to your favor business and organization...”It would be helpful if you could give a discount to AARP (hashtag) members when shopping at Safeway (hashtag)

Squeak wheel get oil. But honey is best way of getting what you want or need. Manners and being civilize will get you a lot father in life.

Coffee is on


  1. Hash tags could be also used on your own person pages on social media.

  2. I never order anything that has to be shipped to me unless I save a bunch of money on it, like a new starter for my outboard motor, and they paid the shipping.

    BTW, if a idle control motor is bad it isn't likely to show up on a code scan, you just have to figure it out.

  3. if it's free i'll take it, that's always been my motto.

  4. Never had the nerve to ask for a Mercedes

  5. I used to get free products for review. Sometimes the products are not as good as they claim and they get defensive when I feedback. I seldom accept doing reviews now.

  6. ELC..Some people can't handle the truth.


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