Sunday, May 04, 2014

Report For April 2014

I have to say the best part of A to Z challenge was visiting the new blogs. 130 of them were visiting in the month of April. But it took a lot of time, so I'm fairly sure I won't be doing it. Anyhow here is blog I visit when I did the letter “V”

 got the shed shelf sort out for my yard sale. I know I'm repeating my self. Once the garden is all plant I'll do a yard sale. Which will be after mid May and before mid June.

Murphy rototiller the garden. We started some seeds. The allium type of seeds are doing real good. This will be our first year doing shallots from seeds.
For my flower. I could never do very well with primroses. Last year I went out and dug some Faith collection of them. Although the only one actual made it is the yellow ones.

There quite a few early flowers starting to bloom such as fritillaria, tulips, primrose, and hyacinths.

The router for the computer went tits up. Saturday Murphy and I stop in at local pawn shop and see if they're offering one for sale. I went and ask guess what I forgot there also a router for wood work. Then we went in to Radio Shack. There cheapest one was $50.00
Anyhow the manger there just doesn't set right with me. For some reason he reminds me of snake in grass.
Actual I would of call B&G Auto electrical to see if my car was ready on Monday. But Murphy decided to go down to Sandpoint this morning. We need a battery for the riding lawn mower and other stuff. We got a router.
When we got back we went over to what they call “Cross-port” area and picked some Morel mushroom I would guess between both of us we got about five or so pounds. Any how Murphy picked to most of them.

Coffee is on


  1. Geez, Dora, Earth is a planet, you plant plants, after you have done that you have planted them.

    I'll assume that you have two computers on one modem or you wouldn't need a router.

  2. No we only have one computer and out here people uses broad band and some people uses there cell phone to connect to out side world.

  3. Okay, I get that you use broadband but you must mean a broadband modem and not a router.

  4. Lot of techie stuff I don't put much into. I finely got back on what you call the internut

  5. Your spring flowers are beautiful. I think mine are just about finished for the season. The only one still blooming is a hyacinth.

  6. how about a modem/router. that's what the cable company gave me.

    i had a few cheap routers that went tits up every few weeks. a decent router can be had for about $30 here so you should be able to get one for $20.

  7. we paid about $40 for the router. Murphy sister Faith gave us one of there that was laying around. I think it had some issues. but the price was right "FREE"


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