Sunday, May 18, 2014

People Used To Grumble About the Communist Only a One Party System

Been looking over the primary ballot. Not sure how many out there knows Idaho is pretty much a one party state.
A republican state. I know the communism government only gave there people a choice of one political party to vote with.
I grumble about only having a two party system. But I feel I have no other choice then to take the republican ballot.
Sure there other candidates but the majority people are on the republican ballot.

For me the big thing is not to pick a TEA PARTY candidate.
 Not overly thrilled about any of people running. But I want to give a shout out two candidates is HARLEY for governor of Idaho.
Mr Harley is candidate who briefly put it in simple term....I’m about as politically correct as your proverbially turd in the punchbowl,” Harley continued. “I’m going for the vote of the real people out there, not these bondage types, people who don’t have a clue about picking up strangers at night and hauling them off god knows where. Try that for a while.”
There plenty to say about Idaho government race but only going to leave ONE LINK But if you want to be entertained a bit just google it.

I like to Sean Blackwell take away our current congress LABRADOR seat. 
BLACKWELL is the only candidate on the republican ticket I can get a little thrilled for. Actual the reason I'm voting is to try to stop the far extreme right for gaining in Idaho.

I know I can be to extreme left on lot of things. 

Like I said "This is my blog and I can vote for who every I please"

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  1. vote for the person least likely to win. then it won't be your fault when the winner screws up.

  2. I'm not thrilled about any of them anymore.

  3. I ask my self why I'm wasting fuel and voting.

  4. It would be nice if we had more then your two basic political party here...Republican or a Democrat

  5. Billy P...In Idaho I always pick those who don't win.
    But I think they would serve the blue collar just fine.

  6. Bill C...Since I mention Blackwell I give him about 4.8% thrill rate. The rest of a lot lower.

  7. Hmmm, I cannot decide what to think!

  8. A lot of time I don't know what to think of it either.

  9. It's never a waste to vote Peppy. You've gotta make yourself heard, even if the choices are less than stellar. Let's hope the big race in 2016 gives us some good choices.

  10. Our community is trying to get voters to approve a bond for a new library.
    I'm voting "yes"


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