Monday, May 05, 2014

Let Not Sell Use Panties

I just started to go though my dressers and getting rid of ratty looking crap. Confession time..I refuse to wear someone else used undergarments. I wouldn't aspect someone to wear mine. Even with me and I guess everyone else changes there on a daily bases. In all truthfulness I don't see any of my panties being place in a yard sale.
This stuff I'm talking about now is the second go around. I'm shooting for a late summer or early fall yard sale. After the shed/barn one.

I didn't go to our last meeting which is held twice a year. Well they send a letter to all of there employees...”There has been a drop in hours, due to members not covering their hours. Management has to turn participants (clients) away because of no interest in taking on the participant or the extra hours.
This is your company you're representing and it doesn't show as a credible agency when we need turn participants(clients) away or explain to family as well as medicaid why hours haven't been met.
If you want to see the profits you have in past it's important you work with management and we cover the hours that are offered.”

I don't think management is all that stupid. I'm amaze and shake my head with medicaid. Crap a lot of participant (clients) only gets a few hours a week. And they live way out in ding toolies and one drives a lot of miles and it won't even cover your fuel cost.
Can't they get it though there thick brainless skull. Statement time...No one want to drive to work for very little hours and not even cover the cost to get there.
I know there people who only needs a few hours a week of help. But some type of daily perduim for travel cost would be fair.

One of the tree nursery Murphy worked at, during the spring dig (haverst) you would get a $20 bill just to show up. Because you had to drive up to Porthill. Plus your hourly wage.

I been doing some thinking about in home care. I couldn't ask for any nicer client. Let face fact Faith is going to be 92 in December. When one gets up there one doesn't know how long one got on planet Earth. “None of us really does”
Carrie and her husband Hershal are flipped about moving back to around Kentucky. He has family back there and both are quite close to his family.
Like my family she isn't all that close to her own kin.
To be quite honest I wouldn't blame them one darn bit to head back east.

So I believe I'm loosing my clients not sure when or if. Although if Hershal and Carrie head back East. He will be eligible for social security in Mid September and I would guess they would head out in Spring of 2015.  
I don't want to sound uncaring. Majority of these people who thinks they need some “nigger” to come in there home and take care of them. Most of them your wasting time and it loosing battle.
I found the two worst people is those who draw straight S.S.I and those who are so high on lord. Crap those who are on straight S.S.I are clueless what fuck work world is like.
Those who are so high on lord and believe your blessing from “God” Well if your blessing from God why in hell do they treat you like shit.
Now but some one on S.S.I and their a full blown Christian and they have no trouble putting the screw to you.

But I'm not sure what going to happen with my clients. I have over 2,000 ceramic molds and other ceramic manufacturing tools what I'm making doing home care. I could but a little shop in our basement and make the same amount I am now.

Coffee is on


  1. My clothes are my friends, including my underwear and I wear them until they are rags.

    I enlarge the slot in my shorts so my junk can hang out and get some fresh air. :-)

  2. Christians don't like it when I ask them what they are doing to piss their god off. :-)

    What a bunch of frigging whiners.

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  4. My undies are in pretty bad shape.

    Nothing like airing out.

    I took care of a 400 pound heavy duty Christians. Medicaid cut her hours by 15 minute and she just whine about it. Most people if there lucky get 6 hours week. She got 16 hours a week. She thinks God gives her those hours. The reason she get the hours because she fat.

  5. I'm with you about not wanting to wear used undies; I don't mind wearing used shirts and sweatshirts, but not undies indeed. I just throw out mine when I'm done with them or they wear out.


  6. i just bought some used boxers at value village. they looked new and cost $1.99. banana republic and polo. they're over $20 new.

    wash them and let them bake in the sun. better than new.

  7. Ugh I agree on the used panties. I go to yard sales and see folks with their panties up for grabs often 5 to 10 cents a pair. Nahhh that's okay! I clean houses and last year lost all three of my elderly clients so I know what that feels like. Starting your own business is a good idea!

  8. Our Good will does offer new items and I wouldn't have any trouble purchasing a new package of undies from them.


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