Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Facing The Music.

Before I headed in my weigh in and Tops meeting. There were a few items I took care of. Nothing real big. Actual was to line up things when I get home.
Murphy headed up to the property on the bench and I'll meet Qunella at “under the sun” for some coffee.

  Before I went to my T.O.P.S meeting I did a quick general pick up, dishes away and sprayed the last set of ornament I did. Now they'll be placed in ornament box.

At our TOPS meeting we had a celebration. One of our members lost down to her goal weight and is now a KOPS.
And one other who lost a large amount of weight . Well today I had the biggest weight lost for the week, 3 pounds.
We had finger foods and I cut up some papaya and stuck some toothpicks in them.
We just had some coffee. But before we had our coffee I like to browse though the store. Well today I found some “penis hand wash” I'll just assume it for those men that our jacking off.
We got our coffee and went out side and chit chad for a while. One think we talk about our family. Quenella said she told her mom she wasn't going to do wedding at her gardens or least for a while. Her mom reply was. “I thought it was a stupid ideal”
I guess it's that generation who don't want to loose the stats of “The greatest generation”
If Qunella had successful wedding business then her mom would be saying something like. “That the best ideal you every had when you came up with the weddings”
Believe me I can total relate. Actual I could do entire blog post on “Your worship of those who has the golden cow”
I find it total disgusting.

Coffee is on  
  I was a few minute late meeting my friend Quenella at UNDER THE SUN 


  1. “penis hand wash” ? Never heard of it before, when I jack off I just clean up the mess with an old tee shirt and go about my business of picking my nose and scratching my ass and things like that. :-)


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