Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dirty Rat

I took all my stain tops out of my closet. As I was sorting though the tops and every top I wondered to my self how could a middle age woman, be so mess.
It look like I eat like I should be sitting in high chair.

To be a politician my guess who would have to be a dirty rat to play there little game. Actual I'm not sure what size of dirty games they play.
Sure glad the election is over. I know this is only wishful thinking it would be nice if the politician would go and pick up there campaign sign.
Even if the winners picked there up they could be reuse. If Murphy and I waste money like our elected official we would be living under a bridge in some slum area.

Been walking on the south hill of Bonners Ferry. Today walk was on the west side of highway 95 on Denver

Not sure what this item is. But I sure like it could cause some damage if they started to roll

Our telephone company, frontier Not the place you pay your bills. I don't think anyone eves dropping or looking much on what I do.
Anyhow if one sees my spelling and grammar. They get frustrated and throw the towel in.

Sure a lot of pretty blooms now

The local Episcopalian church and there bell.

Park my car in front of which one time was the old bus stop. Don't think Bonners Ferry has a bus stop any more.
It has a mom and pop business. Years ago it was Kones and it been several different types of business. Now once again it empty.

Not sure if it walking or reduce calories. I been slowly shedding pounds. Cut way back on junk foods. Once in while I plan to be a naughty eater.
I been eating between 1,800 and 2,000 calories. A person needs between 10 to 15 calories per pound. Other factors need to be consider. So when I start this I was about 212 and I would need about 2120 to maintain that weight.
Confession time...I don't like being cranky. So I figure I reduce my average calorie intake between 200 and 320 calorie.
I just can't give credit to one certain thing.

Coffee is on


  1. Love the photos you post while on your walks! :)

  2. maybe i'm mean but when my son was a teenager and feeling his oats i used to make spaghetti for dinner when he was wearing a nice white t shirt.

  3. Carla..Wednesday is my day to walk in new or different area.
    The area I am in isn't all that thrilling but a least it isn't dangerous.

  4. Billy P..You didn't make him put a white T shirt.
    I guess some people as they get older should still be were a bib.
    Not all those stain are from eating.
    Someone told me she needs to cook in nude.
    Simple she is messy cook

  5. I like it when others post pictures of the area they are in. I don't have a clue what those things are either.


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