Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y Is The Twenty-fifth Letter Of The Alphabet.

Pretty Much done cleaning out the shed/barn shelf's. Far enough long that we could hold a yard sale. Never got behind the shelves notice stuff slid off. And also there items up in the rafters and in feed trough. But that would be a good summer project and maybe I can do anther yard sale in September.

Going though box after box. One can look into a person history.

It pretty beat up, this was toy that was in my grandparents McCalmant home. For some odd reason I was attach to it and Grandpa Edgar gave it to me.
I'm guess the other grand kids also played with. Out of there 28 grandchildren. I'm the 24th one. Actual it had a smokey bear uniform on. Clueless were that went.

 Not only boxes but there were all sort of containers out on the shed shelves. I ran into a container which held some jewelry. Not sure if it a brother or cousin to my 2 great granddad Gilman that worked or own a jewelry store. His name was Theodore. I'm guessing that were some of the jewelry came though.

As I looked at lot of the items. A chance reflect on someone youth. My old rocking chair from the early sixty. My great grandmother Dora gold pocket watch for the 1800's. Also a cameo of my Grandma Elsie she married my grandpa Clarence in 1903. Actual I sort curiosity about the cameo in the hair it has a little skull.
My dad Harold teamster union pin of 15 years, he retire after 50 years of working for the railroad. Some old compasses and other odds and ends.
I'm clueless how long my grandparents had smokey the bear but the oldest grandchild was born in 1944 and the youngest about 1964 or 65.

Maybe are youth total never disappear.

Y is for “Youth”

Stop in tomorrow and see what start with letter “Z”

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  1. Old compasses are more likely better than newer ones.


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