Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S Is The Nineteenth Letter Of the Alphabet.

I often wonder about my self. Let say I wonder about my self in a lot of area. Mostly when it comes to work recently.
Most jobs I have the management or owners were just a plain “asshole” who would talk down to you. Insult you.
There been jobs I left in tears that I even consider suicide.
The only thing I figure one could do is put up with the shit. Be super tight with your pay check. Sooner or later get your self laid off.
Or tell the management or owners to shove there job up there ass.

I sort of been looking for a job. Idaho is well known for there LOW WAGESI stop in at ASPEN office on my way home from work. I was even wondering to my self “why in hell I'm even pulling in” I guess one can't believe every thing they hear. I talk to a lady who was once an RN and they were willing to pay her $11.35 an hour. I briefly talk to her and she said her client was an asshole and she worked as hard as a floor RN.
I talk to Denni at Easter lunch, who got laid off at our local food bank. She heard that some people been started as low as $8.35 an hour.
With Idaho Partner In-care. A lease my average wages in $11.78 an hour. Actual there one of the better paid agency.
But I could use more hours not looking for a 40 hour week. Lease my two clients aren't assholes and they treat me with respected.

In anther area I wonder about my self why I care about others. I tend to do small things for those I can. Like purchase a few items for those who are struggling, take them place such as doctor appointments. I figure I would help out my friend Alice oldest son. Qwin a little bit each month. I told you about him, he gets $721 a month from SSI for his VISION TROUBLE and he has two son he support on this. He gets a state SUPPLEMENT possible up to $53 a month. The state next to us, Washington gets up to $197 for there state supplement....”Damn Socialist”
Confession time...I'm a little behind helping Qwin out.

I often wonder why I even give rats ass about others maybe I should be more self center.

S is for “self”

Stop by tomorrow and see what start with the letter “T”


  1. I quit a number of jobs over the years after just a few days, I won't work for assholes and was good at what I did so it was no problem getting another job.

    Hard to figure things out at times isn't it? I pick who I help these days, I'm not interested in helping bottom feeders.

    Helen died last night. It’s like Buddy Miller said in an email reply, “Helen was a Beautiful Lady.....I enjoyed her company. Today Heaven is a Richer Place.”

    She worshiped the ground I walked on, go figure.

  2. Not sure what you consider a bottom feeder. I'm sure not the one percent that can take the cream right off the top.

    Lot of the top feeder got that way being nasty and screwing over someone to get there.

    Coffee is on

  3. A bottom feeder are those people that you help and they think they have it coming to them, as if the universe owes them something.

    And you seldom see them helping others like we do.

  4. You must enjoy helping others

  5. The ones that I think deserve it.


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