Thursday, April 17, 2014

O Is The Fifteenth Letter In The Alphabet

  1. We should have combination of a flat and progressive federal tax system. A few personal deduction,  $50,000 a year per person. A deduction per child of $20,000,  if the child is attending a credited school....After two basic deduction your federal income tax would be as following...$70,000 to $280,000 at 5%...$280,001 to $1,400,000 at 20%...1,400,001 to $12,000,000 tax rate should be 50%. Anything over $12,000,001 your tax rate should be 80%. During Eisenhower administration our tax rate for some was 91%.  
  2. Federal minimum wage should be $12.00 and hour. If employees who choose not to pay $15.00 an hour should have their name printed in local newspaper as “general exploiters”. Back during the great depression in 1930's any one who got public assistant had there name publish in the newspaper.
  3. There should be a global tax, anyone who can afford to take there money off shore; so they won't pay taxes in there own country. They need to pay global tax of 85% from the money they take off shore.
  4. National sale tax of 2% on everything except food and medicine.
  5. There should be a one payer system for all medical, mental health, and dental, should be base on a percentage of income. 1% to 5% of your net income. If someone choose to live a health life style you would pay smaller percentage, then those who choose not to and pay a higher percentage.
  6. The money one pays into social security,  the cap needs to remove. Until it remove social security tax is a regressive tax.
  7. Anyone who is on disability your payment should be started at $960 a month.
  8. Low income people should have voucher checks for things such as soap, toilet paper, and other basic needs. Snap (food stamps) doesn't purchase these items.
  9. If a person income is under $1,200 or $14,400 a year. From disability or social security retirement. They can apply for a quarterly check to fix or purchase necessity in life. The cap on this would be 18,000 a year...I've worked with enough disable and handicap people and all of there income is under $800 a month. This low income doesn't give them any wiggle room. Things break down and need maintenance. People hot water tanks goes, oven elements goes out, socks needs to be purchase, bedding needs to be updated, tires need purchasing, and etc. 
  10. I believe age majority should be 21. I've often wonder if a 17 year was accused of a crime and was tired as an adult. Found not guilty. Could he/she walk out of court house and purchase some beer from the local store?. No , but during the trial they treat him/her as an adult....age of majority needs to one solid age.
  11. I think everyone between 18 to 20 should do some type of civil service. Something like Franklin Roosevelt “New Deal” program P.W.A
    1.  Marijuana should be treated like alcohol and nicotine products and should be tax like them.
    2. Student who need to get a loans to go to collage. Should pay 3% to 8% of your monthly income, depending on your G.P.A for 10 years. Higher your GPA is lower the your payment would be.
    3. A person can run there blog any damn way he or she see fit.

    It my blog and I have every right to post my opinion on it

    O is for “opinion”

    Stop by tomorrow and see what start with the letter “p”

    Coffee is on


  1. Now that's brilliant lol.. I can't wait for letter P :D

  2. Those are some extreme opinions, but I support your right to express them.

  3. Fantastic post on opinions and boy, I have a lot of them! Thanks for reminding me!
    Visiting from A-Z Blogging Challenge,

  4. you have the right to exercise your opinion on your own blog. I don't understand a lot of it, but well done. Also thanks for dropping by earlier.

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I've got you bookmarked and will come back and visit when I can stay longer. I'm not a coffee drinker though. Is that ok?

  6. Opinion is a good O choice. I have always liked the saying 'I may not agree with your opinion but I defend to the death your right to have it'.

  7. It is my opinion that you type 'there' a lot when you should type 'their'. Don't run for political office, your typing skills suck and they would laugh you off the ticket.

    You are a nice lady but your grammar and spelling suck. :-)

  8. Don't worry! I have no plan to run for office. I rather but my energy in helping someone out.

    I don't think anyone would donate to my campaign and we don't have income hardly to get out the door.

    So everyone is safe

  9. Well, you are not dishonest enough to be a fucking politician anyway. :-)

  10. Yea I know my grammar and spell can be an issue.
    I didn't do all that bad in English classes. Now spelling can be an issue. I have audio dyslexic. At time my brain and my mouth isn't friendly at time.
    Then at time it can be pretty funny.

    Coffee is on

  11. Aha! This is brilliant!


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