Saturday, April 05, 2014

E Is The Fifth Letter In the Alphabet.

Editor Note..If your looking for Photo hunt it will below for the month of April. I'm taking part in A TO Z CHALLENGE 

I was taught manners and how to act civilize. Confession time...I have to say at a few times I could of act more civil then I did.
Since social media and blogs came out.
Now there a new set of rules when it comes to social media ETIQUETTE 

We tell our children to be careful what we say on the net. Confession time..I've post all sort of things and I figure if anyone wants to use it against you they will.
At my age you sure going to up set the apple cart and that good way of weeding out the bad. Or those who “shit green Twinkies”

Question time..When someone ask you a question on your blog how do you respond?...e mail, comment below yours, answer there question over on there blog; Or some other way.

I answer the question they ask on my comment section and also I copy the question and paste in there comment section and answer it.
I don't email them an answer.

E is for Etiquette.

Stop in Monday to see what start with the letter F

I'm very proud of my family. Murphy and I have two lovely son. Sawyer and Bart. Who are well round young men.

Picture taken at McCalmant family Reunion 2013. Left to Right Murphy, (Steve) Our oldest son Sawyer, (Andy) the youngest Bart (Leo) and me (Dora)
The Far right is my daughter in law Betty (Kendall) who married Sawyer the following weekend after the reunion. 
Dog belong to Sawyer and Betty, her name is Boo. 2nd cousin Melody (Pam) in back ground.
 Well I'm not going to list the people but my son got married on July 20, 2013. Well we got anther lovely addition to our family

Our family must have rocks in our head. We always keeping our eyes up for interesting shape rocks, This is our rock pile. Most of rocks in this area is granite.

Next weekend photo hunt theme will be GINORMOUS and or STONES

Coffee is on


  1. What are you going to do with these rocks? Create a rock garden?

  2. East Coast...I would love to do rock garden with water feature. Of course add some gold fish.

  3. Wonderful pictures! We have a little rock garden in our front yard. We happened on the rocks when trying to plant some perennials last year :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog... happy A to Z-ing!

  4. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Wonderful post.. amazing rock garden! I totally agree with the etiquette you say about.

  5. Love the family photos Dora!!!

  6. Just dropping in from A to Z glad to see you are still with us.


  7. I will respond to the email I get that someone made a comment. I read too many blogs to go back and see if the owner responded there.

  8. I was taught manners and how to act civilize.

    And all that shit. :-)

    I like it when others post pictures of themselves and others.

    And I like it when you email me. Take care.

  9. You have a lovely family. Thanks for sharing.

  10. When people ask me a question on my blog I usually answer on the blog. If they aren't being rhetorical they've usually chosen to receive my replies via email so they won't miss them :)

    happy A to Z!

  11. Err....I assume if they ask me something on my blog they'll come back for the answer? lol I reply to them in the comment section. If anyone else reads it and wants to know the answer too, its right there.

    A family rock pile! How cool :D


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