Wednesday, April 02, 2014

B Is The Second Letter of the Alphabet.

This time I adventure out and found 10 blogs though facebook. I don't know how many people has the blogs hooked up to social media. I have mine hooked up to facebook and a few others. Question time..I wonder how some people fine time to be involved with all these social net working...Confession time...I limed my time and I sure don't hit every social media account on daily bases.

Right now I'm taking part in A to Z blog challenge. If I make it every day except Sunday. I will visit 130 blogs by end of the month.

I thought of also linking up these blogs with there facebook pages. But didn't have time. So right below is links to the blogs I stop in at end of March.

B is for Blog

Stop by tomorrow to see what start with letter “C”

Coffee is on


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  1. I had to remove my blog from the list as I realized I wasn't going to have time for the challenge. Even leaving weekends out, I am simply lacking time for all the things I need to do. Good luck and enjoy the challenge!


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