Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A Is The First Letter of the Alphabet.

This is Broadway Elementary school I went here from 1966 until about 1972. I live about 3 blocks to school and yes I walk.
My parents drove me. “You got be kidding.”

The building change over the years.
I had Mrs Jones it was her last year of teaching. This is my old first grade class window are complete different. When I start school the thought was most of us would join union and hit factories for a job. Well things change.
On the South hall above the chalk board and bet now days they don't have chalk board. To many human now seem to have Asthma and chalk dust would set off.
But above the chalk board was the ALPHABET and Mrs Jones would take her wooden pointer stick and point at each letter and entire class would say the ALPHABET.


Stop by tomorrow to see what start with letter “B”

Coffee is on  


  1. I used to wish I could walk to school! I was jealous of the children who did as i took the bus :)

  2. I went to 3 different grade schools when I was growing up and walked to all of them. Went to visit 2 of those schools this past summer after nearly 60 years. They had changed drastically. Actually I think they had been rebuilt.

    Fun post.

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