Saturday, March 08, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Bad Weather-Colors)

One shouldn't say North Idaho has terrible weather. But some time I would consider we have bad weather days
We don't get hurricane, tornado, or very often unforgiving heat. Once in a great while in summer day it will be above 100. It so rarely happens.
On the flip side of weather, rarely gets down to 30 below zero.
Last Sunday and Monday morning it start to snow. In 24 hours it dump over 12 inches of snow. I thought that was bad weather.

Just wait Thurs it start to melt and everything is flood and mess in our community. Now I call that bad weather. When someone is hampered because of the weather then it bad weather.

I'm not scared to rock the boat of bit. I figure things need to be shaking up a bit. When some order a ceramic mold including the ornaments. Usual it comes with color pictures. The mice is done in gray. I know mice come in other colors
Since most of my ornaments are geared toward Christmas usual people paint them what is Christmas colors, green, red. White, gold, and silver.
As you can see I don't do what I'm told or should with COLORS

 Next weekend photo hunt will be Animals and or delux


  1. Anonymous4:27 AM

    I really like the idea of going in your own direction with the colours. So many people just do what they are told.

    Have a super weekend.

  2. Nice take on this weeks theme.
    Over here where we get sunshine and high humidity all year round, snow looks like a beautiful weather.

  3. I like your colours you chose for the ornaments. Very nice. Like the winter seen, but even here in middle of nowhere Illinois we've had too much this year. Looking forward to spring.

  4. the clock is changing so that goddamned mother nature better get her act together and bring us some spring weather.

  5. I've lived in places with very different weather and climates. In terms of temperatures, Hong Kong regularly has summer days that go to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit while one winter in Wisconsin, it was -90 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill!

  6. Your temperatures are falling from one extreme to the other !
    It seems that spring is moving into Belgium !

  7. Très joli post, j'aime beaucoup !
    Très bon dimanche à toi !

  8. Love the winter scene and I tend to go in my own direction too.

  9. It was spring like here today.


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