Friday, March 14, 2014

Between The Times

When I got home from work and running some errands. In a bit I'll discuss them but before my hubby made a REUBEN 
 sandwich and it tasted like crap.
I actual like reuben is one of my favorite sandwich. He didn't do the dressing right I believe. I ate it. I learn not to criticize the cook.
Bad and mean bad things can happen. The word “Yuk” wouldn't never and mean never was use when I grew up.
So I learn quickly something isn't all that tasty but you better be thankful you got something to eat.
Not say I ever went hungry or anything close to it.
My mom was a great cook.

Now back to my day. My client Carrie, her husband Herschel is on his way back to Kentucky. He sure worry about leaving her.
I understand that his brother isn't doing very good.
Quite a few times they let me off work early and let me claim all of my time. So for next two weeks I'll be checking on her.
Opinion time...I think she would be all ok by her self. But she even worried about being by her self.

So tomorrow I'll stop in for a bit. I told her that I would play around of Yahtzee. Still need to fine time to take our clothes to Laundry mat.
Still haven't got the drainage problem fix yet.

After work I went to Library and use there computer. Play farmville. See I had a hair cut at 2:10. I didn't want to run home.
So I did a little bit of shopping.

Went for walk and on Wednesday or if I day has a four in it, four, fourteen and twenty-four. I try to new spot to take a walk.

Today I park at the old Assembly Of God Church parking lot. Corner of VanBurren and Cody.

 Even people in town need to put up a game fence. To keep usual white tail deer out of there garden.
On the edge of the road looking over the valley. There was some oregon grapes. If one looks at them one would couldn't tell what season it is. Never change much.
This is a house were I started or ended.

My walking loop was more then ¼ mile but less then ½ mile

After my hair cut I stop by at the thrift store. Got some blank cards so I can send them out to my pen-pals.
Pick up some red yarn so I can learn to do the double crochet next. I'm going to try to make scarf next.
But I wondering why I got red. Confession time...I'm loaded down on red tops.

Coffee is on  


  1. You going to send me a card?

  2. Anonymous4:17 AM

    Too bad - that Reuben sure looked delicious! I agree with you - I am just happy to have someone cook for me that I don't much care.

  3. Bill would you real like a card.

  4. Was that a question??


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