Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not Sure When Where Why Or What.

I don't know why I'm a happy person. My life is far from smooth sailing. But in general I'm a happy person.
I've been doing fitday for a while now and they have a mood chart which one can keep track of there moods 

I usual don't work on Thursday but Faith had a 4 pm doctor appointment over Northside of Bonners Ferry and as was there Murphy was preparing a roast beef for dinner.

He and I went up and visit his Step Mother. We want to check on place up there. The airport wants some trees removed on properties surround ours.
So that gives us the opportunity to harvest some of our trees.
At first it seem like the FAA want some of the taller trees down. They cut a couple up front and flagged some in back.
Nothing else been done.
At first they was all aflutter to move those taller trees but nothing real happen out there.What I see of Medicaid and how that operates, I have my doubts the FAA does any thing better. Both government agency. Statement time...Some big wigs that really has no grib on everyday reality.
Had a nice visit with my mother in law. Murphy and I split a muffin and cup of coffee. 

Just finished up Jesus statue. Not sure what I'll be doing with it. It fairly easy mold to cast but the face has quite small details.
I put a front and back picture on Nice and Nifty Stuff facebook page. It's been a while since I post any thing there.

Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I love that you harvest your trees and I love the Jesus statue, growing up in an Catholic Italian home we had Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the saint statues around, and a Pope statue.. All next to a Frank Sinatra photo. :)

  2. I am generally happy enough and my philosophical views often amuse others.

  3. Mimi..opps I should of use the word "will" still waiting on the fAA.

    Bill..I find your blog amusing. But my humor might not be quite in checked.

  4. Maybe it is the humor of others that is out of whack.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. What a wonderful attitude you have for life.

  6. I like your positive thinking no matter how bad the situation is. And thanks for coffee whenever I visit. :)


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