Monday, February 24, 2014

Don't Know If The Trouble Is Two Lefts and Three Rights

Been attempting to work on my bucket list, ceramics and crochet. Ceramics I been combine 2 of my ceramic goals one is to paint 15 pieces and 30 ornaments.

At this time I been trying to learn the half double stitch in crocheting. One thing is must I have to learn to cognate my hands in a rhythm,more then anything. One could say I have to many fingers and two of the same hand. Not sure two lefts or rights.

One of my goals was to learn how to use u tube but that will wait. Not sure how long.  

Painting on some ceramic pieces. Notice I don't have larger pieces fired up. When I start to pour slip into molds, when the weather warms up. It's plane as day I need to cast some larger pieces.
It sure wouldn't do any warm actual it would be nice if I cast up more utility items. I have quite a few dish sets, molds.

I grab some more bisque piece to do up. Don't mine painting less four ornaments. Confession time...I don't like back washing (antiquing) or sealing ornaments unless there four to do at time.
For may back washing I been using oils that one would use on canvass. It does ok but I like regular transuclent Not sure if you notice the tip top picture piece I've been painting on and will start to paint soon. The rock piece in back ground. I've decide to wait on that one. I feel that piece should be done in chalks. Working with chalks and it takes quite a bit of porcelain spray sealer. One can only do a few colors at time and then you have spray it.
This time of the year spraying out doors is sort of hassle, end and out. I just don't spray in house. So once the weather is more agreeable then I'll have chance to different things.
I put back the rock and got out some other bisque pieces. One of the item I got out is some beads. I keep meaning to go to my friend Alice and use a small sample of her macrame cord, so I know what size I need to drill the end of the beads. I like to made neck-less out of the beads.

The other day I went to doctor have my blood pressure checked. My numbers was really good. Since I was there and if I wasn't there I wouldn't made an appointment for my hip. Well she poke and said I have bursitis
So she gave me some hip exercise to do. We had some old pain pill around the place and cut it down. Took a part of pill with muscle relaxer before I went to bed.
Now I feel like I'm functioning a mind fog. If you call it functioning.

Coffee is on


  1. You can buy a blood pressure monitor to use at home for 40 bucks, I bought one a few weeks ago.

  2. Bill I have to go in twice a year for my blood pressure. Unless my numbers start acting werid..I have one of those homes ones.

    Coffee is on

  3. I did ceramic years ago, I am still painting, but less since I discovered photography !


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