Sunday, February 16, 2014

Do You Call Them Dish Cloth or Rags


One of the item on my BUCKET LIST was learn or re learn to crochet I did a little in high school. I made a dish rag doing single crochet stitch. Still need to tie the end of it off.
I need a lot more practice. Stitches aren't even and haven't yet got the hang of counting. I tried to figure out the single crochet in book. It total confused me.

  Also I been doing some ceramics. I wasn't sure how I like these color of Jesus clothes. All the painting and statues I seen. He always so clean and put together.
Question time... Wasn't he blue collar worker? Carpenter by trade. To think about it I never read or heard if he actual built anything.
Most blue collar jobs I know a least you get dirt under your finger nails.

 Instead this u tube VIDEO got me on my way.

Looking though that BOOK here more then the single, half double, double, and triple crochet. But these are basic and a slight chance to do something a little more fancy or challenging.

I believe after the dish rags I like to move on to a simple hat or so.

Confession time...I like and to wash dishes with a double crochet, lot more sturdy.

Before that I like to try something with using two different color of yarn.

I believe my next step in cooking will be a cream puff. I heard there easy today. To me they look darn scary.
I like them with hot chocolate. But coffee would serve nice.

Coffee is on

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  1. that cream puff would go very nicely with a cup of coffee.

    i've noticed several people knitting or crocheting on the bus recently.


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