Friday, February 07, 2014

Banging Your Head oN Celing May Help

No major complaints from me on this post. I'm at our local library posting this. Here I'm doing fine with firefox and my google account. In due time I'll figure or make a decision on my computer issue.

Ms K is having her birthday party. She an Aquarius just like me. She having a give away...5 ways to enter and all so simple. So I won't tell you anymore...Stop on in at Ms K to fine out all the details.

I post briefly that Murphy and I went into Sandpoint and got a few things that Bonners Ferry don't carry. Went into Sears to order a small part for the gas range. Lot of time I shake my head on how things are price. I had to order a porcelain burner cap and it was right around $45.00 and that includes the shipping.
Can you believe no store here in Bonners Ferry cares yarn.
One of my things on bucket list was to relearn and to crochet. When I was back in high school I could do a single chain stitch and make dish cloth.
Confession time...I've always had trouble with my tension on lot of my textile project. All I see I should fine a you-tube video and watch. I got my first row done. I can make a few stitches on the next row and then I loose it.
It's been well over 35 years since I crochet, I was still in high school.
So I am a little rusty.

The other day Murphy and I place a seed order with pine tree. the reason we order from them is they have smaller seed package. No one or least most people don't need a ton of squash. This year we want a smaller squash. What does two people need a 10 pounds or more of squash.
We're thinking of order some more seeds from anther seed company. We're think of order from Johnny. If we need a larger order Johnny would be fine. They have good quality seeds.
If we order we would go probably with Vermont Bean, shipping is real reasonable. Recently I been here about Bakers Seed Company

The weather finely warm up above zero and my son Bart and his girl friend is taking a trip to Oregon coast. To see one of Bart friend who we went to high school.  His friend is on leave from the Navy and he and his wife is heading to Japan.

You know I should ask at desk what operating system there using. Sure not having issue like I have with window 8. On window 7 I use less swear words.

Coffee is on 


  1. Love you bunches, Ms. D!! Hugs and tons of Coffee, my sister Aquarian!! <3

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  3. It still seems cold to me. Hope you will get to plant the seeds for new crops soon.

  4. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Omg.. Windows 8 is the bane of my existence I swear to buddah. What a pain in the ass! - I like the new look of your site by the way and you're right, who needs 10lbs of squash. Everybody up here on the mountain does their own gardens and everyone comes around giving stuff away, fortunately we can otherwise we'd turn into veggies ourselves eating all this stuff. It's warmed up here too and now we've got over a foot of snow and more on the way!

  5. Can you believe no store here in Bonners Ferry cares yarn.

    Really? Smaller town than I was thinking it is.

    Don't matter what system they are using at the library, the key is that the geeks running the system are better than us and keep things in good shape.

  6. Thanks K

    East..I have trouble with wet heat, don't think I would do good in a tropical area.

    MM..Last year we gave a lot of garden way to others and food bank.
    The mass of the weather is south of us.

    Bill..Bonners Ferry doesn't have a big box store. Sort of nice but for non foolish items we need to head down to sandpoint...Down Town Bonners Ferry is 2 blockes square and pop I believe is sitting right around 2,000

  7. I work for an internet learning company part-time and I bet internet explorer in windows 8 is giving you all the issue. If you download firefox on windows 8 maybe some of your issues would go away? Internet explorer made some changes in the last 2 weeks that interfere with a lot of websites but other web browsers like google chrome or firefox are still working fine.

  8. Firefox went to shit on me also, couldn't post pictures on my blog. Installed Chrome and so far so good.

  9. Bill I keep reading and hearing that firefox went tits up.

  10. If it went tits up there will be a fix or upgrade to fix it, or maybe some settings can be changed. I know others are having the same problem.

  11. Hugs on the computer issues. I'm having a few with mine right now, too, but I sure don't want Windows 8. I've tried it in the stores and hate it.


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