Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Something to Chew On

One thing I know we both want to grow some pole beans. Just don't know what type. This morning we went out and cleared brush on the property line, when it log the logger won't be crossing into someone else place.
We cut and haul some poles, made out of lodge pole pine
Actual I would call them whips. Not planning to plant that many hills of pole beans. Under 4 hills or less.
Ground is still frozen.
Notice below my front window we have some bulbs poking though.

We also plan to clean out the chimney when we came home. Total forgot and built a fire in wood stove (furnace) That project is being put off until tomorrow morning.

In the afternoon we going in to see about affordable care act. Then after that I have a dentist appointment. I believe it will be Saturday I'll blog about my experience mainly the Obama care and maybe a little about the dentist. I guess no one want to hear me go off a political rant.

On the way home stopped in at super one, got a chuck roast. “Sure smells good” and few other items. Spend a little over sixteen bucks.

Even had a chance to take my walk. Tuesday I went to my T.O.P.S weigh in and I was dis-pointed at the result of the scale. To many cookies.
Looks like this evening I'm going to take a look at the printer and see if I can figure it out.

Coffee is on


  1. You have every right to rant about ACA and Mr. O if you so please. It's YOUR blog! And I'm sure we'd be most interested in your thoughts.

    Are you cooking the roast now? I bet it's gonna taste heavenly!!!

    Good luck with those beans when it comes time to plant.

  2. the way the "Goals for 2012" at the top of your blog throws your visitors thinking they aren't in the correct looks like that is your latest post instead of 2014.

  3. Yeah, I totally read "want to grow some polar bears". Sorry. ^^

  4. Diandra...Something wrong with my blog. I been having issue with malware. It look like I might even have to take it in.

    Coffee is on

  5. I'm not planting anything this year.

    Good luck with the printer.

  6. i'm sticking with tomatoes. the chinese nursery must have 20 different varieties. life is good.


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