Monday, January 06, 2014

Hubby Uncle Went To Great Cross Over

Lavern Dinning, 80, Of Bonners Ferry, Passed Monday Dec. 16, 2013 in Coeur d'Alene
Lavern was born in Rush, Colorado to parents Mary Walker and Roland Dinning Sept. 7th 1933. He married XXX on May 3rd 1953 at St. Ann's Catholic Church where they both were members. He and his wife settled down in Bonners Ferry where he fathered his two daughters and his massive garden.

He retired in 1993 after working for the City of Bonners Ferry Water Department. Vern loved the outdoors and often enjoyed hunting, fishing, gardening and feeding all manner of animals that visited his home. It was in the rivers and woods of Bonners Ferry that he taught his grandchildren to catch frogs and grasshoppers, fish with his home-raised earthworms and to enjoy nature to its fullest.

Quite the rascal, he was always quick with a joke or a goofy observation. He loved stealing noses and food off of plates when you weren't looking. Driving in his truck he would honk and wave at strangers, cows and horses and even street signs to the delight of his young ones.

He had an exceptionally green thumb and a garden that produced preserves, pies and vegetables to no end (with the help of his wife). The pride of his garden was the hazelnut trees that gave him buckets of nuts every fall.

Lavern is survived by his wife XXX and his two daughters: XXX and XXX and Son-in-LawXXX He is also survived by his three grandchildren XXX,XXX< and XXX sister XXX and brother XXX and a large and much loved extended family.

Services will be held at St. Pius Catholic Church in Coeur d' Alene on Sat. Jan. 4, 2014. At 11:00am.

So Saturday Murphy and I drove down to Courd d” Alene.

Then on Sunday Murphy fell part of the birch tree on corner of the place. Southeast corner, it seem that birch doesn't best in clump of three.
Birch holds a fire well in a wood furnace. But yet haven't had much of cold snap this winter.
I got chance to go though the corner of the sewing room and got box of stuff that I'll donate to one of the thrift stores.
Still one box to go though looks like some VCR tapes and other odds and ends.

Coffee is on


  1. Sounds like he had a good life and I'm sure that he will enjoy his next level of existence.

    Still mild here also, no snow other than a skiff that was soon gone.

  2. we're all just passing through.


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