Monday, December 16, 2013

It's All In The Poop.

I'm not trying to be gross. Most animals I know sniff each other poop. To determine different things about each other.
I grew up around horses. Well I knew horse gather in a circle facing each other to determine who is who in group. By stomping there feet. Kind of like meeting who is top pony.
I was watching a show on horses. Stallions will go poop in area and then sniff each other poop to determine male matured.
I wonder when we live as cave people after a cave person took a poop. We went and sniff it to determine something about the other cave people.

Sure glad our nose became smaller and our sense of smell is bad compare to other animals. I heard us human are pretty smelly creatures. Look at our digestion

Coffee is on


  1. I love horses! Dogs, too! Cats - not so much! I can't stand the odor they leave around the house. :)

  2. Sometimes my shit stinks and sometimes it doesn't.

    There are places you can get horse meat on your pizza.

    When I was a teen I had a shit eating dog.

  3. ruby eats her easter eggs from time to time. my dad has a sheltie that always eats his crap.


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