Saturday, November 09, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (Cutlery-Sale)

I've never heard of a ceramic cleaning tool called a cutlery tool, have heard the term cleaning knife. The ceramic cleaning knife is use to take down all the seams on the greenware.

I've list some of my finished ceramic pieces for sale, over on my etsy page 
Yesterday Friday the 8th I post this drummer boy ornament for sale.

Next weekend Photo hunt will be fruit  and or neat

Coffee is on


  1. First time that I see a ceramic cleaning knife and learn what it does :)

  2. I never knew there was such a tool. What a great tip. I will have to see if I can find one of those.

  3. The little drummer boy is cute. Great pics for both themes and thanks for the coffee :)

  4. I'm with East Coast Life. I've never seen a cleaning knife either! The Drummer Boy is very cute.

  5. It's a new tool to me too! and the little drummer boy is adorable.


  6. Never heard of this either !

  7. Have you sold anything at the etsy site?

  8. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Good shot for this week's theme. Hope your sale goes well.


  9. BBC.I've sold one thing. That's Ok sure not putting much into it.

  10. I have done a lot of ceramics over the years... it can be fun.
    Good luck with the ETSY thing!

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