Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Have I Done My Lovelies

I'm total clueless why I forgot to mention yesterday about the events over at (Samhain Siren) But lets get right to there give a way.
Today give a way is by Danni of Heart Root Studio

Ms D is giving away the "The Torchbearer" . Swing on in at Samhain siren (link above) to see how you may enter to win.

At one time. I even tried my hand at painting on canvas. Actual here is one of her pieces I like.

Don't forget they offer a lot more then a give away.

I stop in this morning before I went to work. I knew Alice client Carrie will be in the nursing home and hospital for a bit.
I mention Murphette and both of us took care of her. Not all hard person to take of. She wouldn't get that many hours do to the sequester.
But once I got home and found out one of my cousin called looking for help for her mom. Her mom or my Aunt is in pretty bad shape. She has cancer and it's gone to her brain. I understand she needs quite a bit of care.
Couple of reason I'm not interested. I'm not quantify to do th is can of care. Not interested in take care of family if something doesn't work out it can cause major conflict in the family. I've seen it in family even my own.
Not saying I don't care about my fellow human.

At time I shake my head on how people manage there life. One reason I stop at Alice to see if she found work. Well she haven't yet. So I told her about Murphtte and she still needed to get her paper work in.
As always Murphette is having money trouble nothing new. So I told her I would go over and talk with Murphette and pay for the postage. Alice gave me a large envelope so it can be send off.

One day a short time back I stop in. Murphette was asleep and I talk a short time to her oldest daughter Doris. Found out they were short of mattress couldn't afford to go and to the thrift store
to get one. But sure look like they were putting in satellite television.
Bart was storing a futon in our basement and he said I could give it to them. So as I was at work Doris came and grab it.

Alice income is a lot more then ours. Last year she brought in $40,000 and her tax base was based on $20,000.
When Carrie went the hospital Alice lost $6,400 of her income. She gets $24,000 a year taking care of
Liddy. Not sure how the income from Libby works out; Liddy is an Indian who has down syndrome. If your wondering Liddy isn't all that hard to deal with a least majority of the time to her the world is “sunshine and lollipops”

Then the rest of her income would be from her business. She makes up preserves and crafts. Which total about $6,400.
I should bring up one more possible fact about her income. Her son Kyle gets a disability (SSI) check for right around $750 a month and little bit from the state of Idaho.
Idaho isn't big spender on any safety net program. The max one can get from Idaho is a whopping $75 a month.
If you don't have expensive it will effect your SSI. So Alice charges her son $200 a month for rent. Now how that all works out in tax world I'm clueless.
So it looks like per support in her house hold is $670 a month. In our household support is $551 per person. Come right down per person there a head by $119 a head.

Alice got I believe is 3 pay day loans that equals $10,000 and I know some of went to purchase craft supplies, what percentage went I don't know. But I know crafts type of business is to undependable. Also the home care is also that way but not as risk as the craft business.

Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Wow. That's not a lot of money to live on and I live in Idaho so I know they don't offer much help for people in certain situations in life.
    I hope some extra income can be made somewhere along the way and I'm with you. If you don't have money for a mattress why are you installing cable?

  2. That's a very sad story. On the other hand, that paintings are beautiful.

    Missy Bell

  3. A lot of people do things wrong, my income is just under 12 grand a year and I often have more money than I know what to do with, and I don't use any social nets.

    Hell, I put another three hundred bucks in the rainy day can today, of course I don't have a needy woman here I need to keep happy.


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