Monday, October 07, 2013

Not Wearing Cement Shoes

Of crouse they always may be a method for my crazyness. But I'm not sure what it is. Actual I could care less.
It look like samhaim sirens is having a pretty nice give away some earings. One need to travel over to A Witch By Anthor Name like her page and what you like. Let see now what would I like tree chalice.  I notice there a link to a blog called Rue and Hyssop. Briefly she mention a little bit on her post with Samhain Siren....While you are light-proofing your sleeping chamber, why not dial down the electric light overall in the evenings?  Being that this is one of the most enchanting times of the year, perhaps candlelight or a lovely fire in the hearth would not only wean your eyes off the florescent overhead glow, but lend a certain atmosphere to this bewitching month.  How about spending some outside beside a bonfire or simply stargazing (there are six meteor showers between October 7th and December 14th this year!)  I keep hearing about all sort of metor shower but haven't found any concert infomatin on them yet.

This is the first day I actual felt human. Still some what congested but not as bad. Went to work. Still waiting for to be approve for more hours since Carrie broke her foot. At this rate her foot will be complete healed.  If I gave the company (Medicaid) any of my time extra. They would expect it for free. That just not going to happen. So I put in my reguired hours. A lease her hubby is there to help her out.

My friend Alice client Candy is in a nursing home she had a case of congested heart failuier. Alice figure she will be in nursing home for months.  I've filled in out at Joel and Candy what a zoo. Sure glad I don't have them as a study client.  It look like she will loose about $850 a month of income. For some reason she has three pay day loan out. Don't ask me what for. But everyone I knew who takes out pay day loan ends up in a mess. Last year Alice made $40,000 but her taxable income was $20,000.

Still pulling a few things out of the garden

Coffee is on


  1. I love the earrings. The pumpkins and witches hats are just adorable!

  2. Nice you are feeling better.


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