Sunday, October 27, 2013

Never Know Where You'll Learn Something.

Let me tell you something yesterday I had my day sort of plan out. I even considered it may rain and it did, all day. I really want to clean out anther shelf in shed/barn. Never got to it. I'm ok with it.
So I finish washing my living room wall. Sure brighten up place
Let me tell you what I wasn't going to do was list an ornament for sale on my esty page. I was going to do this tomorrow after I got done with work. 
Though out time. I been embroidering a pair of pillow cases. One of them I got the print design on good and strong. The other one not as.
I thought it was about time I show what I been working on. Instead of posting about it.

One thing I was going to make some cookies. I got the recipe I want to try. Went up stairs and Murphy was mopping the floor. I just couldn't start them and I know I would spill even a little bit of something. I know I would of got tiny bit flour on floor. So I'll do them after dinner or tomorrow after work.

As you can see I'm trying to sell the mouse painting the rainbow. But I also finished up king, donkey, and turkey. The odds are I'll be giving these 3 ornaments away.
I'm painting on a teddy bear and tin solider. 

Yesterday I was browsing though the net. Confession time...I was over on facebook looking though one my groups can't recall which one...homesteading plain and simple or garden one.
One lady just harvest her ground apples Which got me wonder what she was even talking about. Well I think I might give these little things a try.

Never know how things may work out. Can't say much went as plan but nothing majorly went wrong. Why fight it

Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Loved your adventure. :)

  2. Anonymous6:13 PM

    What I learned is when things do not go as planned on paper, we can still make the most of our day. Your post reminds me to remember to pay more attention to the little things and smell the roses along the way.

  3. "Let me tell you something yesterday"

    Then you should have told us yesterday, hahahahaha

    Hey, those antlers are worth money, let me know how much you want for them and I might buy them from you.


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