Sunday, October 06, 2013

Morning Coffee Is Done

Last few days been quite pleasant. Right now Hubby and I just finish painting the frames around both of our doors and doing some minor chalking also. This will be it for painting this year. Actual the only place we need to use brown is under the eves on the west side of the place. But it can wait til next year. Also we been doing a little chalking to help save on energy. Actual this place is pretty well insulated.
Our steps tend to get slipper when it becomes wet. So Murphy took some sandpaper from the belt sander, used. Staples them down. Might not look classy but it serve it propose.
The other day we had a killing frost. Lost all of our tomatoes. Ready for garden season to end. We're starting to have a pretty fall but still decent weather. One yet don't need to put on a jacket. I been using a stocking cap for some reason my ears been bothering me. It might look funky but I don't give a "rats ass" but I don't like earaches.

I thought I would been done casting up Christmas Ornaments. The last batch of clay (slip) I mixed up was on the thin side. So here is the last three pieces I just finish paint up, three witches. But mainly I need to get the next shelf in the small kiln filled with greenware so I can fire it.

Coffee is on.


  1. Dora, I enjoyed your post. What an interesting way to take readers skiing with you through your day!

  2. What is chalking? I would've never thought of the and paper for slippery steps, great idea. So jealous of your changing leaves, it makes me miss Utah. We don't get those here in Florida.

  3. It was pretty nice here today, we haven't had frost yet, don't expect one for another month.

  4. Love the witches. Are you going to sell them? They turned out cute!

  5. love the photos - it's so nice to see your home and ceramics!


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