Friday, October 25, 2013

Do Ya Think It's Better Deal.

For a while I thought I would have the chance to go to the Samhain service
down in Spokane. But there a great deal knocking at our door.
Murphy Aunt Shirley moved down to the area of Dalton Garden between Hayden Lake and Courd'Alene.
Lot of the items in home up here there going to sell. One the main thing we're interested in is there gas cook range. For a while we're wanting one.
The electrical stove been having some issue. Mostly the left front burner. The heat can't be regulate. I'm sure the thermometer is pretty much shot and soon the burner will soon be good as dead.
Anyhow my home is plumb for gas appliance.
Actual Both us like cooking on Gas. Not sure what Murphy Aunt will be offering that we will be interested.
So I figure I might as well stick close by. Don't think I should past up a deal like that. 

The other day I just finished pouring up my last patch of ceramic slip. It will be some what rare if I cast anymore ceramics. My shop/garage is just to cold to pour in. So next time I do any more pouring of ceramics will be some time after winter, March or so.
One thing I need to order is some supplies though National Art Crafts Not a question asked I sure need some rubber bands and band straps
But these ornament hangers things would be handy.
Still have three items list over at my on line shop, Nice and Nifty Stuff Halloween is quickly approaching.

Once I got done with work today. Carrie ask me to stop by one of the thrift store, drop off some books. That her sister Lavon had. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but it never hurt to browse though. Once a week I send out two cards to pen pals. Most of my cards comes out second hand places. Today I got three of them at .25¢ each. Pick up two boxes of petite glass ornaments, $1.99 a box. Like I need more ornaments. I should go though mine and donate some of them. Confession time....I'm not a big fan of Christmas tree done in one color.
Pick up a Mr and Mrs Clause for a $1.75 already fired. Then I got  four ornaments at .79¢ each. Not sure what I paid for the light house. But I know it all was under thirteen bucks.
One item was free a catalog for hospitality line. My front room drapes are getting pretty frail and my sister in law Faith gets her stuff though one of there catalogs. 

Coffee is on 


  1. It sounds like you've been on a roll getting some great deals lately. I hope your good luck continues with the gas range you are looking at. It is always nice to be able to use your preferred type of stove isn't it?

  2. Thanks for sharing - what great deals!

  3. Cooking with propane gas is great.

  4. Bill...It will be on natural gas

  5. Natural gas was outlawed here after it blew up some buildings downtown a few times, so all we have here now is propane.

    Either gas is fine but all in all propane is safer and you can store it and keep using it if the system goes down for a while.

  6. We heated our home in Montana on natural gas and it was great, but could switch to propane if something happened to the natural gas pipe line by just changing the jet in the heater.

  7. When we lived on the North Bench we had propane range.

  8. I have piped in gas for cooking, we do not have natural gas on our tiny island. :)


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