Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Banging My Against A Soft Rock

Yesterday I was visit by this blogger and she ask me this....what do you plan on doing with them? ...She talking about the greenware I just clean. After there fired in kiln I”ll either do two things; give them away or try to sell them.

Now for the event over at Samhain Siren First of all; few times I bump into Saga Cottage  Confession time...I don't know why she isn't part of my 'coffee pal” list.
       Ms Saga has an etsy page that she sell her wares. First of all though samhain siren she is offering “9x11 1/2" hand-painted wood familiar plaque”

For some reason I like her painting called Hecate  Goddess of Witchcraft.

Every week also there is a tune from a past artist and today is Buddy Holly.

When I was younger my mom purchase a pair of gloves from JJ Newberry and they were ineffective. Return them still clip together. Had a receipt but the lady wouldn't take them back and said she been wearing them. At that time my parents had a 1957 GMC pick up with a standard transmission. So my mom ask the clerk “how in the hell can I drive a standard transmission with these glove” From then on my mother never did business with”Newberries”. Well I don't think those glove cost over three bucks but no one was gong to push my mom around. I know one time some clerk didn't give back the correct change and I thought there was going to be a major stand off at the store. Confession time....couldn't believe. my mothers behavior just want to crawl under something, it usual was for little chunk change
Thank who every if was any large amount she would have had knock out drag out fight.

The other day Murphy and I went into Safeway to pick up a few items and use our Just For U 

electron coupons on a few items. For some reason the discounts never came off. So I went over to customer service and had them fix the mistake. I know the clerk and one other customer was annoyed with me.
It was only $2.20 and I remember being annoyed at mother doing the same thing. I got the $2.20 back and put the change in can. There collect money to build some new play ground equipment..

I haven't complete figure how to use the photo program on window 8. So at time I feel like pulling out my hair.

Coffee Is ON


  1. Hi stopping by from UBC! Great post and I enjoyed reading.


  2. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Hi great read, we all think we're going to do things different to our Mums.

  3. Just came by to drink the coffee you offered me, lol !


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