Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Weight Lost Slowly At Consuming 2000 Calories

When will I get hook back up to the net once again. The other day I talk to my son Bart and remind him that he still owe us for his rig insurance, $125 that's for six months.                                                     Murphy told me to get hold of Meadow Creek computer for internet hook up. This might seem a bit prideful but I want totally contribute to this. I figure that Murphette would get between two and six hours weekly. So that mean I would make twenty four and seventy one dollars weekly. But I don't except the medicaid nurse to do her view sometime after mid-month. So by then I should have Bart's money he gets his next check on the 13th. Then on the 17th at work we will be getting our bonus check. I know this isn't the term should be using. But in the past Medicaid has been slow paying the home care agency, takes up to 3 to 6 months for the home care agency to receive there reimbursement check. Once we had to wait anther year to receive our bonus. Anyhow my bonus isn't going to be no grand amount. I figure under hundred dollars.  But with Bart money and bonus we will be able to pay the $99 insulation fee for the net and some cash left over.

Round the ole homestead has the ups and downs. I guess the worst trouble is a yellow jacket. They seem to settle around in large groves. Confession time...I have no mercy on the little critters at all.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Garden is doing great. Been giving  quite a few vegetables away.                                                           The painting project was being on held by the heat. Which now has came down to reasonable temperature of eighty or so. The big issue are those nasty yellow jacket. We're looking at this Thursday starting back painting the trim around the place.
Ceramic pour table I got the clay (slip) clean out around the tower pump and the beater which mixes the clay in the tank. The dried up clay I took away is in a bucket which needs water. Let it set for a few days and clay will soften up. After that I will take a paint stir thing that is hook to a drill. After the clay is mix with the drill then I need to filter it though. Recently I started to filter it though and old thin towels. Which been working fairly well that I've cast a few items that can be use for food items. Being so late in year heading to colder weather I'm not getting my pour table ready until next spring. The reason is that the shop/garage doesn't have any insulation or heat in it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I've start to cast some ornaments and I know I won't get the same result as I did last year.                                                    
Still painting on the bisque pieces, fried greenware.
Now what else is going on.                                                                                                                                                                       Embroidery a pair of pillow cases. I believe I'll give them to Sawyer and Betty for Christmas. Confession time...At the rate I'm going there a good chance they won't be done by Christmas. This simple means I need to pick up the pace.

Big news or the thrilling life new is. I been dropping a few pounds at nice regular pace. I heard that us as human needs 10 to 15 calories for each pounds we weigh to maintain our current weight. So I need 2012 calories to maintain my current weight. I won't let my self consume over 2000 calories and at this amount calories I don't feel hungry. Confession time...I don't even actual consume all the calories.  3 days a week I been walking also.  I need to mention if I eat all of my calories or if it after 7pm. If I do I then eat just plain popcorn. Nothing on it, no butter.   So once I hit the 200 pound mark I'll reduce my calorie intake to 1,800 calorie. I like to be under 200 pounds by first part of November and hold there during the holidays. Then after the first of the year restart loosing. My final goal is to be able to wear a 12-14 size. Not sure what my final weight will be.                                                                                                                                                                                              One thing I found strangely amazing is what people weigh. At our T.O.P.S (taking off pounds sensibly) I help weigh people. The only thing I can say it hard to guess ones weight or age.
Coffee is on


  1. Keep up the good work!

  2. You are an inspiration and I really love the success you are having and look forward to keeping up with your progress - Game ON!

  3. Yellow jackets are easy to get rid of, just get a couple cans of carb cleaner at the dollar store if they have it, it works as good as more expensive yellow jacket killer.

    I eat under 1000 calories a day, keep chipping away at it.

  4. drinking lots of coffee is a good weight loss plan too.

    king - does the 1000 calories include wine and beer?

  5. Billy P, no...

  6. Glad you are doing things the healthy way, nice and slow. Keep up the great work :)

    @BBC - be careful with under 1000 calories. Men should eat a minimum of 1500 and women a minimum of 1200 to avoid damage.


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