Sunday, September 29, 2013

Counted My Chicks Before They All Hatch

I don't know how well or even sense this post will make. I thought last Thursday I would have broad band put in. The company who is doing ran into some issue with there equipment on Black Mountain. Which was a good thing so we could finish up the painting on the East side of place.
Now my appointment is for Monday Afternoon the 30th.
Still looks like I can take part in UltimateBlogChallenge for the month of October. But they also have a web page

I've been doing a ceramic here and there. Got the bottom of my small kiln filled. Now working on getting the next shelf filled up. One side I'm putting in larger pieces and the other half I'm placing in smaller items along with more ornaments. One thing there is group of ornaments I can't fine. I know there misplace or lost.

I thought I was going to take part in both photo hunt over the weekend. Some how I end up getting things mixed up. Gattina is one of the photo hunt challenge I take part in. Her challenge for next Weekend is "Humor in photography"
Also I take part in Sandi photo hunt challenge and her choose of them is "Spark".

During the month of October there is a pagan party over at Samhain Sirens and if it's good as last year wow.

Yesterday Murphy and I went down to Spokane saw quite a few people. Even both of my sons Sawyer and Bart.

I just don't get this I thought I had all of my resent picture on this computer but somehow they all went bye or I just not sure how to pull them up.

Coffee is on


  1. Hi Dora, I just tried to trow some pottery this summer and found out I love it. Have you been doing ceramics for a long time? I'm thinking of doing more, you know, with a potter's wheel and buying myself a kiln. They seem almost affordable through Craigslist but I still have to do more research to find out which type is best for me. Nice to meet you, I'm visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge. :)

  2. I have been thinking about doing some pottery lately, too! But I have to clean out a bit of the basement to do it. Boy do I miss it, though!

    Have you posted photos of your work? If so, I need to search your blog for them!

  3. Hum, it's the 30th, with luck you will be rocking and rolling with a high speed soon.

    I keep all my recent pictures in a folder on my desktop so I can find them fast.


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