Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Weather Report For June 2013 & Other Stuff

June 2013...Warmest day was on the 30th at 93.9 (34.3)... Coldest day was on the 20th 26.8 (2.8)...Average high for June was 76.3 (24.6)...Average low for June 38.2 (3.4)...Rain 3.75 (9.5)...This year and last year the hottest day was at end of the month...Not much blooming at the end of June.

I know I should have more to report on. My doggie Daisy ate my report...Toward the end of each month I like to adventure out and visit some different blogs and this month I went out and visit people who are Witches and Wiccan.
One could use the term “Pagan” which would cover all of your bases.

These three blogs before and thought they was worth mentioning.

As your drink your coffee hope you fine time to stop in and check out these blogs.

Coffee is on


  1. Best summer here so far, my tomato is doing the best one has ever done here.

  2. We have had rain every day (except for one) for the past two weeks. Haven't been able to mow the lawn, too wet!

    Thanks for those links - I follow a few pagan sites, being slightly-pagan-ish myself - it will be nice to take a peek at those.

  3. Speaking of pagan...

    Do happy naked pagan dancing...


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