Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Pro-capitalism I Won't Confess to That..... I

When we first start to date Murphy was working on the green chain at local mill and was making about
$10.00 an hour and that was in 1983 and now mill worker makes about $11.00 an hour. That about what energy log place pays. Since the mill job he hasn't made over $14.00 an hour actual not many job around our area pays a livable wage unless you have a collage degree. Even now a college degree is debatable with cost and all.

Wages haven't increase actual they gone down in value. If mill got 3% wage increase since 1983 they should be making $18.45 and hour. I found out though google “Sawmill Chief Executive” they make $154,820 a year ($74.43 an hour) Not sure what the big shot at local mill around here makes.

In 2007 congress was the last time minimum wage was raise to $7.25 an hour. It wasn't enacted until 2009.

But according to .raise the minimum wage  in 1968 minimum wage was $1.68 an hour but in today dollars it should be $10.27 an hour that for 2011 if a person had 3% increase in wages it should actual be $10.90 an hour.
Minimum wage start in 1938 at .25¢ an hour. It was sit up to stimulate the economy If it was raise every year at 3% since it was enacted. Question time...What should it be actual now?. So the minimum wage been around for 75 years.
Some states now have what is called a livable wage which is It is generally understood that the minimum wage – even in states with higher-than-federal rates - is inadequate to support a family of any size.  As a result, the concept of a “living wage” has gained popularity, as advocates, academics and policymakers have explored other ways of defining a wage level adequate to support a decent standard of living in America.

Raising up the wages will increase the unemployment rate. No it won't only thing it going to give the 1% a little sting, they make most of the money instead of getting 100 foot vessel they might have to settle for something three inches shorter.
Not many employers really gives a rat ass about there employees.
Sure there are the small business owner who really don't make that much but there not sailing on a 100 foot vessel either or spending two weeks touring some exotic place. As there employee's can qualify for food stamps. Take a good look at most of the big box store.

One thing needs to be taking in. Is contract or freelance workers. This is new group of workers it doesn't necessary mean that the employee seeks his or her own terms when it comes to wages.
There are employees who will tell a person how much they worker for and give them a 1099 tax form.
Which means nothing been taking out.
The sad thing is a person who gets 1099 have to match there own social security tax which now I believe is 15.3% and what every else taxes are involved.
Actual there employee who pays under $10 and hour and uses the 1099...So after the worker matches there own social security there hourly wages comes to $8.47. There the other taxes one needs to pay. Yes there more deduction for both employee and employer.

Coffee is on


  1. Well, that certainly makes you think, doesn't it? The inequity between minimum wage and corporate execs is the real issue, even aside fro the actual amount of minimum wage. How can that kind of disparity be justified in anyone's head?

  2. The same issue happens in Canada. Good post.

  3. i worked on the green chain and plywood mill dryers while in university in the early 70's and made about $10 which a fortune back then. most of the mills around here have closed but a few still operate and pay about $25/hour.

    just finished my pound of banana coffee. the first pot always tastes excellent but by the time i've finished the can i'm kinda sick of it. bought a package of godiva chocolate coffee last week, the cadillac of flavored coffee.

  4. I think that you need a college education is a scam put forth by colleges to promote getting more students so they can pay their over paid professors for spitting bullshit out of their mouths.

    But having said that, it isn't going to change anything, that's why I learned to live the best I can with what I have.

    Got your email today, seems I'll swing by your place the weekend your son is getting married.

    Of course I don't know where he is getting married so I may miss you if you are not home on the 20th.

  5. Wages are not rising as fast as the prices of necessities. Life is getting harder as we have to pay higher prices for almost everything.


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