Monday, July 22, 2013

Couple of Things About Couples

This last Saturday my son Sawyer got Hitch to Betty. When I told people my son was getting married. One of  the first thing they ask if I like my future daughter in law and I said "yes" then I would get this look like I should be checking into the funny farm.
Or they would start to tell me how awful there children spouse are.
Do they forget there an in law to some one....Let just say some of my own traits and own relatives traits to me are quite sicking. Maybe not mind as much!
I been hitch for 25 years and hubby and we had some pretty heated spats. No couple can't seeing eye to eye on everything. Actual I don't recall our last spat we had. Neither one of us our scared to tell the other one to "Shut Up"
I seen couples behind there back bitch and grip about there partner, to anyone who will listen. We all grip and if your partner is such and horrible human why stay with them.
No I have my short coming and Confession time....I've at time talk about the negative side of my hubby. But believe me I don't stand in the check out stand racking my hubby over the coals.
Now I fine those who claim there are married expert been married a bunch of times or still single. The only advice I can say try not to bring entire world into your marriage. But nothing wrong seeking true marriage counseling either.
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  1. Every couple has their disagreements yet it's important to only tell a close few about them. I agree with going to a marriage counsellor. Many marriages could be saved with that

  2. I find one of the most important things to remember when I'm disagreeing with my husband is that we're on the same team. It's not about him winning or me winning: it's about us becoming closer in our understanding of each other.

  3. Best thing I ever did was tell off my Mother-in-law when she was trying to push me around. We didn't speak for a month, she apologized, we made up and we are extremely close now. I truly believe in telling it like it is, I do it with my immediate family and in-laws are no different. Hubby knows exactly what is on my mind (sometime even with swearing!) and I know exactly what is on his mind. We have an extremely close marriage. Communication is key!

  4. The last woman I lived with was pretty easy to get along with, I don't recall us ever getting into a real spat but it was time for me to move on when I left her.

    I was in Naples Sunday and didn't expect to find you home but took pictures of the general store and bar to prove that I was there and will post them on my blog when I post about that part of my trip.

    Had your address with me but didn't see any point in finding your place as long as you wasn't there.


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