Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (day dream-sculptures)

When I was a kid I would lay on the lawn look up at cloud and day dream about all sort of things. I even thought that was heaven at one time and god just laid around on fluffy cloud...Silly me.

  Since I live in a small community there no sculpture or statue to speak of. I look up the word sculpture and see how much out of the box I could go.
During the past week Murphy and I took a drive up on Ball Creek...I notice this rock away up there it reminded the glacier moved and sculptured the mountain and valleys though this area...”Sort of give it a tornado whipped look.”

Next weekend photo-hunt themes will be Citrus  and or With What Do You Like to Travel


  1. You can call this a "natural" sculpture ! I used to daydream during school classes ! Which didn't improve my grades !

  2. I like your take on the themes. Sometimes the shapes in the clouds can look like sculpture too! Happy weekend.

  3. You have wonderful memories as well as day dreams!!

  4. Hi Dora, wonderful take on the two themes. I love the clouds. I think if I were to imagine what heaven looks like it would be soft and beautiful just like walking on clouds.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. I would be DayDreaming right there too!!!

  6. You did good, Peppylady, with the takes on Daydream and also Sculpture(d). Re the clouds: I used to think that too when I was a kid! :D

  7. Great take on the themes. I daydream looking at clouds and I like the way you used sculpture. The mountains are so beautiful.

  8. The most wonderful sculptures are made by Mother Nature!!
    I'd love some coffee :) Happy weekend!

  9. There is a natural sculpture in your town Dora. It seems that when one gets older, there is lesser day-dreaming :)


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