Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (Citrus and traveling objects)

Living this close to the Arctic, 48°41'54 North and 116°19'20 West. No citrus fruit grows here. During the winter months it reasonable to purchase in stores.
I took a quick look though our sale fliers, no such luck finding citrus on sale.

I'm sure not a world hopper but one thing I seem to forget to pack or will it when leave is my toothbrush. When I'm traveling
Can't stand that yucky mouth feeling. Usual I end up with a new toothbrush.
After looking at the photo of the toothbrush it needs to be file under section 13 (garbage)

 Next weekend photo hunt theme will be childern and or go

If it wasn't for weekend photo hunt...I believe I would of called this post...”Homestead Ouch” or something like that.


The scoffing we built been working so far real good. We been working at the highest peaks on place first. At this time we're on the south-side, then we move on west-side in front of the picture window. The other high peak on place is on the north-side. Might have a bit of trouble doing that, reason is small deck and the chimney. One good thing the North-side it's on cooler side of the place.
We need to get the trim done before July 20th and we need to head into Spokane Valley for our son Sawyer wedding
So far sure looks like we will meet the deadline.
But for some on for-seen life event we don't get the trim done. Most of the scaffolding was put together with carriage bolts, washer and a nut.

It seems like there always something to do around here. I could have also made wish and or a need list. I still like to get back to going though the “shed/barn” in all honestly we have way to much crap...Statement time...I been going though each section and taking a lease 10% to the thrift store..if it crappy trash it goes in trash can...Once in while someone hauls crap into the thrift store which should have been toss in trash can.
I believe I could even go though the shed/barn at latter date. But I need to finish the first round out.
If I every get the chance to go though it again. I believe I'll have a box sale sort of like yard sale. List it on facebook under yard sale for my local area
It would read some like ...”.Clean out the barn/shed got some boxes of variety of items. Nothing price come on over and take a look...donate what you think is fair.”
Any how if they need or want the stuff there welcome to it.
We ended up doing some temporary repair to the garden fence. The mid post on the south-side rotted out. To be factual post isn't even good for fire-wood. It was so darn light to pack..One only need to stick under one arm and skip away...No grunting no moaning.
We cut some post but there still on our property on North-bench. But for now we use some metal tree steaks. Until we get out and grab some post.
But for now we will use metal steaks.

The garden is doing ok but the weeds seem to keep pace with the veggies. We been eating a few mess of spinach.
Froze little more then 12 quarts of strawberries. We're having a bumper crop of strawberries.
We're going to offer Qunella the next picking of berries but I would like about 8 cups to make some pie filling.
Been having quite a few messes of spinach now.
Something been eating the green beans, but Murphy figure the birds been helping them self. So we put a short roll about six feet long.

Can't say much for the flowers now. But it seem like a lot of buds and blooms are starting. Little later on we should have anther of color.

Coffee is on


  1. I buy so little citrus products that it's a moot point to me.

    After making them jerk the last of my teeth out I could care less about a toothbrush.

    I'm not interested in getting rid of any of my shit, someone else can deal with it when I die, until then it's my shit.

    I may actually get a few decent tomatoes this year.

    On a scooter ride this morning I noticed an interesting fence, rolled fencing wire filled with rocks. I'll go back and take a picture and post it so you see what I mean.

  2. Hi Dora, we're lucky to have citrus where I live. I did a garage sale recently and it felt liberating to get rid of so much stuff. Now all I need to do is stop buying more things to replace the stuff I just got rid of. Definitely a work in progress. Sounds like you have a very well producing garden. Fresh strawberries sounds wonderful.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Of course a toothbrush ! That I take along too. It seems that you are very busy with your yard.

  4. Bill...Plenty of stuff in our shed to be use...have trouble getting and finding things. I'm not getting rid of it all. I have no desire to be a hoarder seen plenty of it on the job.
    Still have majority of my teeth. I'm a long ways from dentures.

    Trek...Our shed is so unorganized and we're almost like kid at Christmas...but one can't keep it all.

    Gattina...I have a hang up not taking care of my teeth, sort of vain thing.

  5. Great take on the themes. A toothbrush is definitely a traveling must. Sounds like you've been very busy. Good luck with all your projects.

  6. wow, that's a big garden!

    i just bought replacement heads for my sonicare toothbrush and the lousy things cost more than the toothbrush!

  7. Billy P and Carver...A tooth brush is a most for me...Anyhow I need to replace mine. As for writing on wall I'll leave mine when I go to my son wedding.
    Yes Billy we do have a good size garden.

  8. Your house looks good. Citrus down here is everywhere. My folks have both orange and grapefruit. They are not allowed grapefruit because of their medications. Ironic that where they retired has a gazillion citrus fruit trees, but they can't eat any of it. I love your picture challenge. Do you have a predetermined list or just pick a topic to photograph each week. Back to the

  9. Karin I been doing Photo Hunt on Saturday for ages. There actual two people who does the meme...
    One is Gattina and her is her link On the left hand side (side bar)is the link to her photo hunt.
    Also there is Sandi photo hunt meme and here is her link
    Every week it different.


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