Monday, June 03, 2013

Weather Report (May 2012) and Other

May 2013...Warmest day was on the 9th at 86.9 (30.5) Average high for May was 71.6(22.0) For some reason for the month of May we had trouble with our Thermometer, so now low temperature...Rain 2 ¾ (6.9)...Iris bloom most of the month. Put in Minnesota Red and Yukon Golds Potatoes ½ roll of each.

Let see our bills minus food and gas for rigs came to just under $105 but our food was right round $200.

Toward the end of each month I like adventure out and visit some new blogs other then my coffee pals.
Recently I join a canning group though facebook and they had a page of blogs...If they didn't post in the month May....I didn't leave a link.

Coffee is On

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  1. I bought a couple of so called weather stations last week cuz they were on sale for 10 bucks so got one for here and one for the camper.

    Wanted the kind with the wire probe that goes outside cuz they are more reliable than the more fancy ones, and easier on batteries.

    I don't expect the so called weather predictions to be good but you can't expect much for ten bucks.


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