Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm Not Mad House Wife But A Crazy Witch.

I've always hope more for Sabbats. There got to be a group of people in my neck of the woods recognized the Sabbats or we haven't bump into each other. Statement time...It makes me sad and lonely.
So I did a short celebration for Litha. of course by my self had sip of Merlot and chocolate. Sat on porch steps enjoyed the cool summer evening.
I started to built an Lithia alter but notice I need a candle holder. It sure wouldn't be a good ideal to burn the house down. Nothing wrong with a little precaution
I had I believe is four major cards come up. In the nut shell I'm second guessing my self more then I should. Every so often I let the scarlet and shunning spirit return.
So it time once again to get rid and put up an armor.
Confession time...One thing I worked on not to repeat what my parents did was not to do the scarlet treatment, my dad mainly did it....I use this blog as therapy at times.. There plenty of time I even use the scarlet game not for control as my parents did...Statement time...I did plenty of mistake raising the boys.
.Even to this day I'm still battle those scarlet spirit but now I recognized it when it ugly head arises...The shunning doesn't bother me as much, that's were the only child comes in handy.

I got my self a new lap top. Haven't yet use it. No real internet unless you want to donate a body part. So once I take it to town I should be ready to fly with it. I've always thought the computer bag had heavy spirit hang on it...So I did banishing spell to it
salt, pepper, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and sulfur...then sprinkle on the object and demand the un-want spirit to leave.
Then I put an spell in for good spirit to hang around...burn candle sprinkled some cloves on computer bag , color blue.

Murphy and I finely got the scaffolding done. We decided to built it on the bed of the pick up so it can be easily moved.
It to paint the trim around the place. If memory service me right we painted the trim short time after my mom died, 2000.
Next thing we need to before we back the pick-up is to pull out the larger weeds so we can lay plastic down.
We're starting on the south side first, it's the worst.
On the south side I start an herb and salad garden. This year it won't be used.
Will try real hard not to damage anything but my french tarragon is #1 to avoid damaging.

Garden doing great. My first Lilly of the season. I have few Iris straggling along. Usually there done by now.
Picked a few mess of spinach. So far just ate the fresh.
Got a picking of strawberries and froze 3 quarts. I would like to try to make some strawberry pie filling also.
Strawberry Pie filling
1 3/4 cup sugar
2/3 cup clear jel
2 cups cool water
2 tbsp lemon juice
7 cups strawberries hulled & quartered

Combine sugar & clear jel, whisk in water.
Bring to boil over medium high heat. Stirring constantly! Add lemon juice return to boil & cook 1 minute. Reduce heat to low & quickly fold in berries. Return to boil over medium high heat.stirring frequently & gently 'til mixture boils. Fill jars leaving 1 inch head space. Water Bath 30 minutes. Remove lid & wait 5 minutes before removing jars from water.

Tomatoes have fruit sitting, green now and if the weather condition is right we should have tomatoes around the 4th of July.
Still need to pick off blooms on the potatoes. 
Murphy and I clear off the bed to our larger extra bedroom. But still like to get back on the last roll of shelf in the shed/barn.

Coffee is on


  1. If I do not have witches around for the sabbaths, I meet with friends for a secular celebration - this weekend we first met with some people in town for dinner and cocktails, and the next day went to a huge concert with a few people (and then spent the night drinking woodruff punch - and the next day doing nothing).

  2. Beautiful blooming Lily Dora. And it seems you are going to enjoy the fruits of your labour :)

  3. I haven't studied the Sabbats thing but pretty sure I wouldn't get into it cuz I do my own thing rather than be a follower of others things.

    Interesting way to rig up a scaffold if you can get it to the places you need it.


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