Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (Copper- Texture)

I don't see my self doing next weekend photo hunt. Theme for June 1st hunt is Quaggy and or Red
I'll be attending a bridal shower for Betty who will be marring my son Sawyer in July. I feel slightly bad since I suggest the word “Quaggy” for a theme.
I know all of you would understand that I might not play next time around.

I haven't done much with texture when it comes to ceramics, there all sort of application one can apply doing ceramics.
This one here I took an acyclic metallic copper paint.
Under the acyclic is paper paper against bisque not neatly unto the piece and start to apply acrylic over paper, letting the paper to become wrinkled and creased .
I find that metallic or pearl acrylics work the best. Each kind of paper (tissue, newspapers, brown sacks, typing paper and etc) will give it a different texture and look.

Coffee is on


  1. And it looks fantastic! what a beautiful piece. I won't be around next week either...


  2. That is very creative!


  3. Enjoy your bridal shower next week and "see" you back at Photo Hunt the week after.

    Re quaggy: I had to look it up in the dictionary to know what it means! :D

  4. That's a great piece for the theme. You are correct about the dried lavender in my shot.

  5. it looks truly one of a kind. enjoy the event.

  6. I've never even heard of the word “Quaggy” before....

    As for copper, I like to recycle it, good money in that.

  7. Beautiful art. Enjoy the bridal shower.
    Congrats to your family on the addition of a new member. :)

  8. It looks great ! I was on my trip around the UK and forgot to post ! You can always find a red thing during the "shower" !


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