Saturday, May 04, 2013

Weekend End Photo Hunt (Upside Down-Under)

Either way you look at something right side up or up side down...It still looks good either way

I went on line to our local job service in Boundary County. Out of 13 jobs I looked at 9 of them paid under $10.00 an hour. 4 of them paid over $10.00 an hour. Lot of those jobs under $10.00 an hour were under 30 hours a week. The highest paid on list was a medical technologist at $27.10 which one would need a bachelors. Then the lowest paid listing is a waiter at $3.65 an hour for 25 hours a week...The average pay would be $11.60 an hour. Some may say that being under paid for labor.

Next weekend photo hunt will be lazy  and or unusual perspective

Here is a link to a currency exchange 

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  1. What a beautiful upside down picture ! I checked, I stood on my head and yes, it was the same picture !

  2. $3.65 an hour -- isn't that below the legal minimum wage?

    I remember my first job paying $3.50 an hour -- but that was back in the mid 1980s!!! :O

  3. i'm happy holding cdn dollars at the moment. i asked a brokerage what their exchange rate was and they told me it was a closely guarded secret.

  4. Cool picture.

    The minimum wage here is about ten bucks an hour, even for wait persons.

    In 1962 in Florida a waitress had to work 48 hours a week for 25 bucks and tips.

  5. I've never been on under-ground train or a subway. There no mass transit here not even Taxi service.
    As for your question on our ….$3.65 an hour -- isn't that below the legal minimum wage?
    In some states if the worker is going to receive tips the employer doesn't have to pay minimum wage...
    The President candidate Herman Cain (nine nine nine guy) got a law pass that if regular minimum wage goes up it doesn't mean tips workers get raise.
    Idaho uses federal minimum which means it's $7.25 an hour.

    Thanks for stopping by and the coffee is on.

  6. Wow, those wages are low! I love your upside down photo.

  7. Sometimes I wonder if upside down makes more sense to me...

  8. Great pic! Our Mom made $11.50/hr as a manager of a ladies health club up until last year.

    The Florida Furkids

  9. To many people (who work the hardest) are under-paid!
    Happy Hunting ~

  10. Billy P..There a lot of Canadians who comes down and purchase food and gas. I know they like our milk prices...under $4.00 a gallon depending on brand.

    Bill C...Both of my son our living in Spokane. I was once visiting my youngest son we all went out for breakfast and I forgot that the waitress got paid minimum wage, not like Idaho under $7.25...So I tip the waitress well.

    Annie...I to think those wages are low...Lot of low wages workers can qualify for food stamps or now known as snap.

    Cherry...I use to stand on my head when I was a kid and I like the way the world look...maybe I should go back to standing on my head again

    Furkids...I bet your mom kept you guys feed and roof over your head.

    Sandi,,,how true I know waitress work hard for there money...They need the tips.

  11. My boss paid me $9 an hour until one of the wives of a fellow employee made fun of me for being someone with a bachelor's degree in accounting getting paid so little.

  12. How do families survive on such low wages? Prices of necessities are rising fast and frequently :(

  13. ELC...Lot of those people who are making less then $10 an hour could get some aid from our government....such help with food and rent.


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