Friday, May 03, 2013

Weather Report for April 2013 and Other Reports

April 2013...Warmest day was on the 26th at 74.6 (23.6)... Coldest day was on the 14th at 21.7(-5.7)...Average high for April was 57.4 (14.1)...Average low for April 31.8 (-0.1)...Rain 2.50 (6.3)...planted kenabec red potatoes. 

  Toward end of each month I like to go and take trip in blog world; visit some different blogs..In April I went and visit these blog.

Some how I must had a brief encounter with old age and forgot to get the url of the two other blogs I visit.

Like most month the bills get paid. This month we had to pay our rig insurance. Which covers three rigs, $397.00 but I'll get back a $100 from Bart.
The deal was as long as the boys were in college until age of 24 we would pick up the tab. Bart isn't going to school.
But he got fifty bucks knock off...we're buy a smaller propane barbeque for $30. Also for his birthday which was the 25th I was going to send him $20.
All in all we knocked off $50 of what he owed us.
So our next rig insurance will be due in October.

I know I'm a little late for international pagan coming out day I feel I can't freely express my spiritual beliefs. I have often and on my little blog.
But I'm real careful what I say around others.
Question time... how one does one come out closet of there faith... that they don't evangelist (evil geniality) their faith on others...Or listen to how there the only ones going to be in heaven who been born again in blood of Jesus.
Not sure if there coven or a place were pagan can practice there beliefs in my area. I know there some in the Courd' Alene, about 75 miles, and Spokane about 100 miles.

Coffee is on


  1. Just paid my truck insurance also but don't notice the hit to my bank account cuz I have very few other bills.

    You don't have to consider yourself a pagan or anything else, all you need to do is have your own belief and it hasn't got to agree with anyone else.

    I don't have any trouble telling others their religion is stupid, I've been doing that for years.

    "Do you love god?" "Oh, yes, I love god very much." "Would you like to have sex with god?"

    Anyway, the weather here is really nice for this time of year, I'm loving it.

  2. Bill..I know this lady and she waiting for Jesus to come back and for some nutting reason she thinks she going to be his bride.

    It takes all kinds.

  3. Well, I guess she wants to screw jesus being as that is what you do with husbands and boyfriends in the back seat.

    Or for that matter, in the front seat if you are in a hurry. :-)

  4. If I recall right she has 5 children all ready. She been screw before.


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