Thursday, May 09, 2013

It Sure Won't Hurt Any Thing.

Our youngest son Bart is now renting a studio apartment from his cousin Sam and Amy. He had to give back his dog Carson to the shelter. Carson was being to hard on the cat..sort of relationship like a mouse and cat.
I find it sad, but I understand the reason he gave him back to shelter.

Last few day I been fighting with depression and anxiety. I've been diagnose with minor epistemic depression and anxiety. Not sure what actual brought it on. I could speculate for a very long time. It won't do any good.
Sooner or later my mood will change.

The other day Murphy and I took a drive up Myrtle creek just to sort of get out of the place. Ended up grabbing a little bit of wood.
What we would like to fine is some moral but it's been dry.

I over heard a conversation at a building supply store. About painting rocks red and putting them in the strawberry patch before the season beings.
I guess the theory is that the bird for while will show up and think the red rock are berries. In there bird language will single the other one to stay away.
Not sure if it will work or not. I know birds aren't color blind.

Seem like everyone needs to fence in there garden to keep the deer out. But we need a new spot to plant the potatoes.
We wonder what we were going to do to keep the deer out. They adapted very well as one needs change there ideal to keep them away.
So I got some those wind things that one sticks in the ground. I know by now they don't keep anything away but I like them.
So Murphy nail a vacuum cleaner bag to the power line pole in our yard. So far no deer foot print or poop around the garden.
If any of you out in blog land isn't a gardener the kitty cat and the puppy dog fur is a deterrent to keep the deer away.

The other day Murphy and I went to Sandpoint to get some things we need for the place. But before I got to Wal mart I went into Penny's. Murphy had to exchange a pair of shoes that didn't fit right.
But I want to pick up pair of pillow cases to embroidery on. I couldn't fine anything for under $20. I guess I'm really out step with the times.
I've need pads for my wet jet. Now I'm sorry I bought them. Anther idem that went up in price. But while ago I saw you can take cloth diapers, cut or fold them down to fit and sew some Velcro but I couldn't fine any cloth diapers. Instead I use some old ragbag towels and sewed them up to fit. The only thing now I need to get is Velcro.
This way once either Murphy or I mop the floor the rag can be put in the washed and reused. The mop pads for the wet jet is about .50¢ each now.

I”ll leave everything as it is but it so strange that I feel a little blue.

Coffee is on

Editor Note...I heard the shelter found a home for Carson....such a friendly dog

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  1. I'm guessing that you suffer from anxiety for the same reason I do, the future of mankind, and it isn't looking good.

    Well, all we can do is carry on and look for humor along the way.

    Sorry that you didn't get an invitation to visit my blog, Goggle sent you one, I'll try to get it sorted out. Bill


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