Saturday, March 09, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (monochrome-sport)

I ask Murphy what was monochrome and I know the word “mono” means one but the word chrome I know what chrome as in a rigs trim.
But Murphy thought it had some something to do with old photo; black white pictures. But I had to google
He sort of right.

I just can't think of a sport I actual can't stand. Both Hubby and I like to go fishing. One could say “fishing is a sport
We went fishing today 3/9/13 just on this side of ball creek.

Next weekend photo hunt will be footprint and or sunrise or sunset

Coffee is on


  1. Fishing is also a sport, although I don't know why it is a sport sitting and holding a fishing rod,lol !That's also a nice sport for me because I don't like sport in general !

  2. Did you both have a good catch? Nice to catch one's own dinner. :)

  3. To be more precise monochrome is a picture in different shades of the same colour. It doesn't have to be black, white and grey.

  4. Fishing is a sport for some, but just a relaxing pastime for others, I sometimes fish being as I'm out boating anyway.

    Some black and white pictures are cooler than the same picture in color.

  5. bbc makes an excellent point.

  6. Anonymous12:25 PM

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  7. If in fact they are pictures of Bronislaw Geremek why should anyone give a shit? I don't recall the professor ever saying that those where pictures of him.

  8. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Is your avatar a picture of you BBC?
    I hope so, you're cute.

  9. Anonymous1:35 PM

    You look like Justin Bieber's grand-dad, BBC.

  10. Prepare to die, ALTF!

  11. Anonymous1:53 PM


  12. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I love how comment threads just curl up and die upon your/our arrival Leslie.


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