Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Good Bar Soap Will Do Just As Good.

I wasn't going to post anything for Easter. I know most people will be celebrating the crucifix of Jesus. I don't why they don't just use the word “Capital Punishment” same different just different times.
As I was kid I went to different religion and they all taught to 'blood of Jesus” wash way sin. Statement time...I thought the whole part of blood of Christ has been way over played in Christian religion.
There 20 things that the blood
of Jesus does.
Statement time...The entire thing of Crucifying is total barbaric...why would some one wanting to celebrate some dying a horrible death.
This is my main difficulty with the Christianity, it just cheapen it.

I look forward to change of spring. Confession time...I been working on my attitude toward my thought of Easter....I don't mine celebration of re-newly of life or what ever that may constitute of.
Murphy and I was out weeding the strawberries. Trying to get out the quack grass and dandelion. I even made the comment to my hubby “ New Weed is rebirth or start of new season”
I look forward to all the new season and changes for what every they may be. Most of them are never big but there always something good that comes out of ostara

This Easter and all of them, we went over to my Sister in law Faith. Let see there was 15 people if I count right. Faith put out a nice dinner nothing heavy. For desert she serve strawberry short cake.
We sat around a talk about or it seem we talk about what was breaking down around us. Niece Qunicy is having vehicle trouble, I think it transmission.
Faith which is Quincy mother is having furnace trouble.
I know our biggest and expensive trouble is eaves on our home.

I'm so glad know one brought up at the dinner about the Jesus dying on cross for our sins.

Then we talk how shitty the work force is.
Jeff was saying when they shut down the main mill in Bonners Ferry which now been over 10 years. He was making fourteen something an hour and full benefits. He start to go out to mill in the Cow Creek area and they were paying $7.25 an hour, which at that time it was above minimum wage. Figure out it would be money ahead if he retired.
Well one guy work with him and had to take his kid to day care and was costing him $1,200 a month.
Denni and I was discussion home care and the assholes.
Most people now only get a few hours a week which real don't pay for one to start up your vehicle.
People wonder why people don't want to go to work. It doesn't pay.

Murphy and I been doing quite a bit around the place. I got my spot dug up to put in some peonies. Faith the one I drive around gave me some snowdrops and squills. They won't bloom until next spring. 

Coffee is on.


  1. Day care for a kid costs US$1200 a month!? That's so expensive. How does he manage?

  2. There many factor on how much one could possible pay for day care in US...Number of children...Arrival time at day care (I'm assuming as mill worker and if he worked first shift he would of started at 6AM to that means he would have to drop off his children half to an hour early so he could make it to work in time.) The day care may charge extra for an early drop off.
    The guy might of second shift which means he went to work at 3PM to 4PM and would get around midnight and then the day care may charge a late fee.
    There programs that may possible help him out and I don't know if he applied for them or not.
    The sad thing is he isn't lazy and end up in Prison for assaulting a law enforcement person.
    Coffee is on


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