Sunday, February 10, 2013

Toss Line Of Life Out

Things seem to be sailing along at pretty smooth rate around here. So Murphy and I decide to head to Kootenai river and try our luck at fishing.
I don't know if one of those fishing calendar can predict good fishing or not. So we went to what some consider the ghetto of Bonners Ferry and hike over the dike.
All friendly people. 
I don't know when the dike went among the Kootenai but the last big flood was in 1948 or 49. Last Spring it got pretty high and the farming district up North had some flooded.
Not sure what the cement tower is but I would guess it some type of pumping station from way back.

Can't say we picked a good spot for fishing seem our line snag quite a bit. Best way to explain our fishing luck...”we got skunked”... One would be looking up stream toward Montana. General running of Kootani is out of Canada into Montana, swing westward into Idaho and back up North into Canada dumps into the Kootani lake the west arm of the lake goes into the Columbia river.
In Canada it spelled “Kootany”

Notice my in-law bed and breakfast place. It old school house. It been a while since I been on that part of the river and the North-side area sure looks different.

This morning I looking West towards Selkirk mountain range and fog hang in at deep creek.

I listed a little chicken for sale on etsy. I was going to sell an elephant but Murphette want it. Plus there was a minor error to it. I got the bisque at a thrift store partly painted. Who every was doing it did a good job. But someone name was on it and other then that it finished up beautifully.

Coffee is on.


  1. I pretty much suck at fishing also, but I enjoy getting out in nature so it doesn't matter.

  2. I always liked fishing but never really caught too much. My Mom is the fisherperson in our family - she is a professional fly tier and used to own a fly shop with my stepdad before he passed away. She always caught a fish (she usually always had a bird poop on her too - perhaps they are tied :))

  3. My dad was the fisherman in our family. None of us kids got into the sport. Being outdoors romping around the woods or around the lake was more my enjoyment, while dad would fish for our supper.

  4. I envy your lifestyle, planting your own vegetables and fishing from the river.


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