Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Might Need A Wee Bit Of Swig

After work today I had to run a few errands. One of the place I need to stop was our local Post Office in Bonners Ferry.
Living in a small town usual everyone knows everyone and friendly to boot.
My business in post office was quite simple. But the gentlemen who isn't quite all there. It seem know one get up set with Casper.
Everyone in our community could tell you a something about Casper and the odds are it going to be true.
He kept talking to the lady at front window of post office. You see Casper wouldn't have any trouble asking if he could have his stamps for free.
I can see how Casper would be annoying to most people usual not many people are in big rush around here.
Well finely it was my turn to take care of my business. We both simple smiled at each other and I said could you please weigh this box.
I now run the piece I'm going to sell though etsy so I can get a rough ideal what shipping cost will be. Right now I just listed an leprechaun a great piece for up coming Saint Patrick Day.

Coffee is on

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