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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Across The Street

I'm from a family of mixture of faiths. My Grandmother “Olive” attend the local First Baptist Church on the South Hill.
Across the street is Saint Anne Catholic Church. Which the majority of my husband family is or was.
Now back to my Grandmother Olive. She always had a snide remark about the Catholics. But the strange thing her mother side “Muench”quite a few of them our Catholics. There is a Cardinal Muench which is some kin. I heard stories that he “embezzled” the church. 

I been getting in more walking and no eating after dinner. If I eat after dinner it just plain popcorn. When I walk on Tuesday I walk in different area and take a picture.
I've been starting to loose a little weight. So last Tuesday I walk right before my T.O.P.S meeting in that neighborhood and took a picture.

We're only ordering a few seed from a catalog this year. We're going to order with Mariam and he going order out of .territorial seed
Jimmy Nardello Peppers, Stupice Tomatoes, some herbs which are Slam Queen Basil, German Winter Thyme, Cat Nip and Summer Savory.
Also picked out some Talon Onion.
Rest of seeds we're using up from last few years and buying what we need from the local store.

This year big garden project is putting up a orchard fence. But the trouble is we can't decide where to put it. 

Coffee Is On

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BBC said...

I pretty much hate the catholic religion even though a lot of the members are decent folks.

I haven't ate dinner for years, or snacks in the evening.

I gotta cut the apple tree way back some more.


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