Sunday, January 13, 2013

Your Sightless and Deafness

Last Sunday I drove down to attend the North Idaho Utilarian Universal which is the close one to me. I've always felt comfort in there teaching if you can call it that.

Confession time...Not every time I see my self or hear my self....I'll bitch and moan about something and I will be doing the same some form or anther.
So the sermon was called “Colorblindness and the new Jim Crow” I know I would of called it “your personal colorblindness and deafness”

My clients bitch and moan how unfair there life is...but they don't hear what there even saying....One time Murphette called me and said she was short on the rent for her storage unit of $60.00. Wonder she could barrow the money. I didn't have any trouble helping her out.
But what tip the scale a bit is when she said “I'll be fine but if I pay for my storage unit I won't be able to get my pepsi or tobacco”
I don't except anyone to live a saintly life but if she said something to this effect “Hey I”m having trouble making my rent can you help me out” and said nothing about the pop and smoke. It would go gone over better.
Opinion time...I don't even think it dawn on her what she was even saying.
Murphy and I live a simple life. Not many bills, our monthly bills are under $200 a month. Then of course we have those other bills like insurance and property taxes to take care of.
Like the rest of the human species we need to feed our body.
Because we don't drink or smoke heavy that doesn't mean we don't want to have a few pleasures in our life.

I notice today Ellie makes a statement about someone being a “drunk” well lot of the time, I head up to the three mile store and pick up plenty of beer.
“Crap” every time I go in to pick up her beer I'm asked “where the party”
Then she talks ill about her daughter in laws. Don't she realize she is talking shit about her son “wives” and her grandchildren “mother”.
One thing you learn is being a caregiver is something about human nature. I figure there two reason why Ellie drinks like a fish is, out of angry and or self pity.
She is upset that her husband left her for anther woman and he shortly died after he left her. Then she pissed off that he never really had much interested in making a living for the family.
I believe she gets $300 from his social security as being his widow.

I know we all come to lot of conclusion from all sorts of smell, sights, and sounds. For me personal some may even say I don't have the best work ethics.
I have no desire to put in a 40 hour week.
We live thrifty and have no toy payments. So we can get buy on lot less then most.
I know some even may see me as a gossiper. Confession time...Yes it true I can gossip. Caught my self in midstream today.
Shortly before last Christmas I said something at Quincy place about her mom doing both Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
After Quincy thought her mom actual enjoy fixing and entertaining guest. Plus I was total out of bounds when I said that.
We come up with all sort of ways to see our little world.

Coffee is on.


  1. I went to a UU Fellowship for a few years, decided that they are all a bunch of lost sheep. And a bunch of them have a lot of money, that they intend on keeping.

  2. Anther day of deafness...Heard a client grip about people eating sugar...She was smoking cigarette and drinking a beer.

    Then she bitch about people living off the government..Wasn't she figure her benefits are from the government.

    coffee is on.


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